Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday

1. Headbands: I realized a few weeks ago that a large chunk of my running headbands no longer fit--- either my head is shrinking, or they are so overused and stretched out. I did the math and realized that I haven't really bought any new ones in over a year. As luck would have it Razzy Roo had a contest on facebook for naming their new bus, and those that gave valid suggestions were emailed a discount code and the winner got so much free money toward purchasing. I didn't win, but I did get the code so I decided to buy two sparkly ones since they are so versatile- love me some blue and black!!!
Double score when Angela at Happy Fit Mama was giving away a BAMR band to two lucky readers. Low and behold I entered and I was one of the lucky 2!!! The owner Katie, who is also a blogger, reached out to me on Monday to congratulate me and see what a few options that I liked. I told her my favorite colors of the chevron pattern and it came in the mail yesterday (talk about quick turnaround!)- was so excited it was yellow because I have ZERO yellow bands. 

2. Skin: Remember last week when I was complaining about my Mexican looking spray tan? My face, hands, stomach, and back all faded normally, but I'm a splotch monster on my arms, legs, and chest. My arms are quite hilarious as they are super dark with white around the elbows (where I spray my perfume)

It's very sexy, I know, I know. I had my annual check up yesterday and was so embarrassed at how uneven my skin was, but obviously they were happy I opted for the sunless route. I had a few spots I was concerned about, and the one on my chest the doctor was too so I had it removed for a biopsy. I found out within a week if its cancerous, in the meantime I'm supposed to keep the area dry, yet I'm running CMM tomorrow and its supposed to storm the whole time, awesome.

3. Country Music Marathon- So this will be my 3rd year running Country Music Marathon. Not a huge fan of the race due to crowds and logistics, but work re-imburses us when we complete it, so the steep $120 registration is taken care of. This was the first half I EVER ran, and unfortunately I didn't train for. It was awful and I ran a 2:22 and change. I decided to give it a go last year, was equally as miserable and hot and ran a 1:55. This year all I have is a loose goal to finish in the 1:40s, thats it.

4. Healthways shirts for Marathon-
Due to the reimbursement for colleagues to particpate in this race, lots of co-workers sign up every year. To keep it it fun, we always order shirts (for free) to hand out to all the colleagues. Although I'm in charge of organizing and distribution, I didnt pick out the design, but I do like them

back of shirt, front just says Healthways

After Boston tragedy last week, one of my co-workers called the print shop to make an adjustment to our shirt- Boston on the sleeve

Due to large crowds and traffic on race day, I decided this year that no meeting up in the morning to take a photo, its stressful, hard to find individuals and we have a lot of first timers who I want them to just enjoy the experience and not worry about having to get there at an insanely early hour. We decided to have everyone wear their shirts yesterday and meet in our lobby for our team photo. Granted it is extremely difficult to get 40+ colleagues together where everyone is free, so here is who could make it
Photo: This is just some of the  Healthways colleagues who are running in Country Music Marathon tomorrow--- look at that healthy bunch!

5. Boston Tribute at the Expo- I'm not sure if RnR is doing this for all their races, or if this is special due to it being one of their first events after the Boston Tragedy- regardless they had a nice booth set up and tons of different "walls" you could sign about Boston. The line was incredibly long to do this, so I skipped the signing.

Also when you picked up your bib you got a free Boston arm band that has  the date on one side and the #Run Now on the other. I'm sporting it at work today... along with my alcohol wrist band. I tried to class it up by covering it with a gold bracelet- you hardly notice it right?

It's supposed to storm all day tomorrow during the race--- combine that with the never ending hills and I'm not too sure how I feel about that. At least the one good thing is that it will not be hot... AMEN!!

Are you racing at all this weekend?

Good luck to all those running Eugene, so incredibly jealous!!


  1. You are incredibly classy, from the covered up wrist band to your spray tan...

    Enjoy CMM in the rain! Wish you were here to kick ass at Eugene in the perfect weather. Miss you.

  2. ha, i just wrote about headbands, too!

  3. Love the new headbands! Yay! Hope you have a great race and I hope the rain holds off! Best of luck! LOVE that your facility reimburses runners! That's so cool!

  4. Love the new headbands. I really want a Chevron one. Hope your race goes well and the weather isn't too horrible!

  5. hope the race wasn't too bad today with the rain and hoping you get the "all good" from the doc!

  6. My mom recently ordered me a RazzyRoo headband! Had never heard of them before but they are awesome! I don't think your head is getting smaller; they do tend to stretch a lot over time :) Cool that you got that discount!