Wednesday, August 15, 2012

20 Miles in the books

A few of you sent me emails asking how this weekend went since I didn't yet post- my new job started at work and what once was an 8 hour day has turned into 10-11 hrs, so free time is a commodity. As I learn my role the hours will get shorter, but for next few weeks I might be a little lack in posting often.

Who is no longer a 20 miler virgin?!?!

This Gal!

This past Saturday I ventured off for my first 20 miler. I had a running meet up at 6am with a group of individuals, but their plan was to just do 15, so I ventured out a little after 5am to knock out the first 5 miles before meeting up with them.

First 5 went amazing- temps were low 60s, sun wasn't out yet, jamming to my music, and no knee pain- 8:30s average pace. 

As soon as I started running with the other 4 individuals I felt like a different runner- the 9:10 pace we were doing was HARD and the dull ache in my knee was starting to get more consistent vs. coming and going. Luckily when I run with people vs. solo I tend to push myself more so instead of walking I just kept  a short distance of 5-10 feet behind them for awhile.

The miles actually ticked by due to extreme inappropriateness topic of conversation- another reason I love running with guys when I am able.

A few of you were curious how testing out the Nathan Women's Intensity Vest would be--- it was MAGICAL. I don't own body glide (crazy I know considering its a staple for most runners) and it didn't chafe one bit. I did put deodorant on the spot where the straps lie just in case, but does deodorant do anything? This was a fluke weekend for Nashville, so humidity and temps were extremely mild- I was worried I would get hot in the vest, but it never bothered me. I wish I would have  purchased this earlier in the summer.

Route we chose was 12 miles (for my group, 17 total for me) and we were going to do a 1.5 out and back to make up the last 3. Since we were back at cars I ditched my vest, had some gatorade, and off we went. Once I got to mile 18 I was struggling so I told one of the guys who was hanging back with me that I needed to put in my music---- what a trick. Immediately my pace picked up and I felt amazing. My last 2 miles ended up being sub 8s with the mile 20 clicking in at 7:42.

I decided that I'm going to try this out for actual marathon, only, not sure how long I can go without music when I'm running solo.

Overall I was pleased with how the run went. I was able to walk normal afterward, and more importantly the next day.  My total time was 20 miles in 2:58:30. 1.5 min faster than when I did my walk/ run/ jog 18 miles a few weeks back. In two weeks I'm due for another 20 miler, however I'm thinking of making it a 22 miler (maybe) so I can get more time on my feet. I NEED to run longer than 3 hours!

For any experienced marathoners out there--- what's a good chunk of miles you go before putting in music to get your 2nd wind?


  1. Great job!!!! You did amazing!!! I am a all music girl except when running with other people. I love when the topic of conversation keeps my mind off what is going on though!!

  2. i love love love my intensity vest! it is awesome and so convenient:) i have found that the longer I can go without my music the more of a motivator it is! i usually always use it on training runs where I am by myself but in races I will wait till about halfway of a half and at least 8-10ish miles(if I can) of a full. My new trick for my LRs where I am on my own is to listen to a book on tape the first half and then turn on my music for the last half. Still just as motivating for me because it picks up the pace:) great job! congrats on the 20! and awesome finish!

  3. 20 miles!!!! that is huge!
    no experience in marathon yet....
    I put music unless I have someone running with me

  4. i’ve run several marathons with no music (TNT rule)-including the goofy challenge! but i did have someone to talk to. in my other races I have waited till the 1/2 way point. it’s almost a way of knowing you have something to look forward to at 13.1.

  5. Way to go! Running with others always helps me and I love inappropriate talking while running. Helps take my mind off the discomfort:)

  6. I didn't put on my music for my marathon until mile 14 although now I wish I would have waited, I didn't really feel like I needed it at that point but I had told myself I would wait till then. It does help perk one up though!

    Great job with your 20 miler! Woohoo! Audiobooks help keep me distracted too.

  7. Congrats!! The first 20 miler, that is always exciting!! When I run alone, I usually listen to a podcast or audiobook instead of music. The conversation keeps my mind focused and it feels the miles go by quicker.