Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tangents for Thursday - over the last week

  • Last week the roommate, myself, and her bf were able to score front row tickets to Dispatch at the Ryman. I was a BIG Dispath fan in college, but sadly by the time I 'discovered' them, they had already broken up. They just got back together within the last few years- oh happy day! 

  • My parents came into town to visit, help me move, shower me with gifts etc. I love when they come into town because it forces me to see what there is to do in this great city, and sometimes I find new places :)

Night time light exhibit at Cheekwood Conservatory

Discovering a new winery- Long Hollow Winery north of Nashville

and lots of shopping and drinking ensued.
  • Mom asked for my half race shirts so she can make them into one of those neat blankets. Unfortunately if the shirt is sucky or doesn't fit, I get rid of, so out of the 41 states I only had 29 to give
  • Bought my first BIG piece of furniture - guess next time I move it will have to a bigger truck
  • Monday night was my Fleet Feet running group's 4th year anniversary which meant HUGE turn out,  all you can eat quesadillas, fries, and chips and salsa after run, as well as prizes awarded out! 

  • Got an AWESOME new tank that night with our running crew logo on it- I promise I'm not pregnant despite the 'baby bump'- just lazy standing after 1 hour bootcamp, 1 hour kettlebells, and 1 hour run in 80+ degrees and humidity. 

  • As part of their anniversary anyone that is member of the run group from Tues- Thurs was able to buy $40+ worth of goods at Fleet Feet and get $20 off. I picked another one of my FAVORITE bras in purple, Handful bras. Note: wash before wearing and sweating for 3 hours. I have an awesome purple line where my bra ends on my cheset
  • Today kicks off the Thursday Fleet Feet Trail running series- naturally its been raining all day so i'm sure the pretty steep hills are full of mud, but I'm pretty excited as I haven't run on technical trails in quite some time
  • I leave on Saturday for 1 week long vacation with the family to Outer Banks. This will be our home for 7 days :) 

Anything new or exciting going on in your week?


  1. That looks like an awesome house to get to live in for a week! Congrats on buying your first big piece of furniture. Glad you had a fun time with your parents. Nothing exciting going on here.

  2. I have a tshirt quilt that was made out of all my shirts from high school. Currently still compiling shirts from all races to make one! :)

    Also, that house is like, the MOST perfect beach house ever. Such a cute color and all those porches is amazing!!

  3. What part of the Outer Banks? I'm there with my family next week too (Rodanthe/Salvo area).

  4. Love the couch! Sounds like you had lots of fun with your parents:) Sweet! I want a blanket like that!! But, I get rid of many of my cotton race shirts too:( My mom sews, so maybe she will make one for me:)

  5. Yay for purple Handful! Love their fun new colors.

  6. You've got to give me the skinny on OBX!!! I have heard so much about it and how it really is reasonable to rent a house! Can I just hide in your suitcase? I love the quilt idea!! So sweet mom!

  7. fabulous house! hope yall are having fun!

  8. Wow - that house is incredible! I'm sure it will be a blast! I usually am able to get my brother in law to run with me by using guilt. I strongly suggest it :)