Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sub 1:40 for State 40 fail

       State #40, Maryland, complete.
A goal was to break 1:40
B goal was to be under 1:42
C goal was to get a new PR (breaking 1:42:52)

I really didnt plan very well with logistics of what it would take to break 1:40. I FINALLY did the math yesterday on what my total avg pace would have to be...7:37. As you can see from above, I ended with a 7:40 pace, final time 1:41:00.

Although I'm proud to beat my old PR by just shy of 2 min, I did cry a little around mile 10 when I saw the 7:37 move to a 7:39 on my garmin.

I was so focused on that allusive 1:3x:xx that I actually felt like a failure when I realized I wasn't going to hit it. So, yes I do have a new PR under my belt, but its overshadowed by the "oh so close" ultimate 2013 goal for me. 

I'll write a full recap when my mentality is in a little more positive- for now ill be wallowing in my jamocah milkshake while waiting for my flight.

Anyone else out there hard on themselves and have difficultly enjoying their accomplishments if its shy of what you truly are aiming for??


  1. Oh I totally get that. Then feeling bad for feeling bad about a good performance or PR lol. But just remember you built a great base for next time, and will get there soon!

  2. I so know what you mean! But did really awesome! That is an awesome time and a new PR to try to beat next time!

  3. I get it. Let it process thru for a while you then appreciate that you just kicked 2 min off your pr & get back into the fight. A Lille more speed work, distance under your belt and you will have it. You are so close! We are not even halfway thru 2013 yet o this can give you a little more to keep pushing for!

  4. I don't get it. I just don't. You killed it today.
    Your Friend (that can hardly get sub 2 these days)

  5. You're amazing!

    I've been known to totally overlook what I accomplish and focus on what I didn't accomplish. I don't even allow myself the joy of realizing what my body can do. That's pretty sad isn't it. On the bright side? I now realize I do it and getting better at NOT!

  6. Amazing PR even if you did miss the ultimate goal. You are an amazing runner!

  7. Yes, I definitely have done this. When I finished the WDW marathon I was so bummed it hadn't gone well that I cried during and after. People kept telling me, "way to go - you finished!" but I didn't feel very proud at all. The pride has since returned but I understand. And I know the pride and joy will come for you about your new PR (Congrats by the way!!) and hopefully you aren't too hard on yourself about both not making the time for feeling a bit off.

  8. 2 minute PR is HUGE!!! Congrats and I hope once the first disappointment is over, you will be happy and celebrate it!

  9. Like Kim, I don't understand. I honestly believe I will never see another PR again, and for you to take TWO minutes off when you are so fast and yet still be disappointed over not meeting an arbitrary goal... I dunno. Seems sad to me that you can't even enjoy the fact that you took 10 seconds off PER MILE to get that PR. That's amazing.