Thursday, May 15, 2014

And they say I wouldn't see a horse...

2 weekends ago I FINALLY crossed off an item on my bucket list to attend the Kentucky Derby. Even though I lived in Louisville for 2 years, I just never got around to actually attending it.  Leah invited  me the week of to tag along and I decided no more excuses and time to finally take in the experience.

Our tickets were for the infield vs. in the stands, and let me just say that when you tell someone you have infield tickets you'll get 2 responses:

1.) You're going to be in the middle of drunken debauchery, its crazy in there, don't dress nice as your outfit will get ruined (it typically rains) etc etc
2.) You won't see any horses

Boom! I'd like to see someone in the stands get that shot!!!

My first Derby was a blast, we truly could not have asked for better weather. We all know in the stands you see the horses and a bunch of wealthy people comparing bank accounts and having competitions on who has the craziest hat, but in the infield, there's a lot more entertainment.

Fun costumes / attire people are wearing

There were about 20 of them all dressed up like horses

There were 3 of these guys- we were PRETTY sure their accents were fake

The hats are a little less... elegant

This got my 'creepiest hat' award 

Its socially acceptable and expected to wear flip flops / comfty shoes vs. heels- AMEN! 

Of course your views are a bit different from the infield as well...
You have 3 options
View facing grandstands

View facing backside of track (this is the BEST view and where the first photo was capture) 

Or if you're not around the perimeter everything is displayed on the big screen 

Regardless of where you watch, the 2 constants were pricey drinks ($10-$12 each), and the ability to bet and win. I bet $2 on horse #4 Ganza to show (place 1-3) in the official Derby race and won $6... ya buddy

So glad I went and had a blast. I definitely do want to return and see what its like from the pricey seats, but I'm thankful I had so a positive first experience. Until next time Churchill Downs.... 

Have you ever been to a horse race? What's the craziest hat you ever saw?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Things I'm loving Thursday

Now that running isn't taking over my time or my finances right now, I'm loving all the other little things that bring me joy. I know I've talked about it once before, but I joined the #100happydays project and I believe I'm on day 42-- it truly does force you to think about what happened in that day that made you happy. Sometimes its hard, but that is the idea is to learn to appreciate all the little things. For more information you can visit their site HERE. I know Elizabeth recently joined as well and is loving it too!

  • Every heard the  expression “leave the racing for the horses”? It seems that I’ve embraced this concept for 2014  as the only ‘racing’ I’ve done this year have all been relays. In the spirit of taking this expression to a whole different level, I decided its time to FINALLY watch the horse races. In a last minute decision earlier this week I am taking a ½ day tomorrow and driving up with the roommie and 2 of her friends and will get to experience the Kentucky Derby in person. I lived in Louisville for 2 years, but actually never made it to Churchill Downs- I know, I know- lesson learned to actually live it up in what your city is known for..

As luck would have it, I already owned a dress. I love red, but sometimes feel it draws too much attention so I don't wear it often. 

Embraced my inner crafter and bout a cheap hat ($8) from Walmart and snazzed it up!! 

  • The mask in the photo I bought for tonight's Arcade Fire concert. Although a little strange, they announced for their shows they'd like if people wore formal attire or mask etc. Of course you don't HAVE to do it, but everyone I know is, so it should be fun as I love costumes / excuse to wear something you otherwise wouldn't. 
  • I believe the warmer temps are here to stay which means 2 of my favorite things:
Dress season - I've worked hard for these arms and legs- time to show them off! 

And pool season! Although the water is still too cold to get in and there are flower buds everywhere, its still pretty to look at while laying out!

Sadly my townhome does not have a pool, so come June when I'm moved in I will be be an adopted guest of a few friends who do have pools :)

  • New Keurig

A little over a month ago my Keurig finally died. It was a sad day for me since I love my flavored coffees along with the convenience of not having to clean up afterward. Mama J had a ton of Kohl's coupons that were about to expire and asked if I wanted a new one. I'm trying to work on minimizing how many gadgets I have + at the time I didn't know what type of counter space I would have, so I downgrade to the single serving Keurig in this fun emerald color. It's so cute, space efficient,  and  the color compliments my stackable mugs so well!

  • My mom (dad I love you too no worries). Often times daughters can butt heads with their mom- not sure if its an estrogen thing or what, but I've seen it time and time again.  After listening to stories I hear from others about their (lack of) relationship with their moms and frankly how awful they are to them, I realize how lucky I am to have a close relationship with her and that she likes to goof off just as much as me

What is is that you're loving right now? If you use Keurig coffee, what is your favorite flavor?