Friday, October 17, 2014

Final Countdown of #30daysofnew Recap

Little behind on the recaps, but heres the rounding out / completion of my #30dayofnew challenge. Feels good to be done and not feel the pressure of always doing something, but in my time doing research of what is happening in the Nashville, I learned quite a bit about different activities, thus more on my list of items to check off...

Day 20 - Rock Climbing at Climb Nashville
COST: $17
Every Tuesday, Team Green Adventures teams up with Climb Nashville to have a beginners climb night with a discounted rate  for both members and non-members. My upper body strength definitely could use some work (hence the falling off the rock and landing on the ground), but I still had a grand time. It's hard to get to that part of town by 6pm, but I'd definitely like to re-visit this activity again.

Day 21- Nolensville Running Club
COST: Free ($5 toward pizza afterward) 
The last of my Nashville running group explorations! I was blown away at the large turnout for a Wednesday night- just shy of 100 people. There were a few runners who were at the Southside running group (day 16) I went to the previous week, and they were kind enough to show me around. This club is notorious for having some fast runners and some killer hills in their route rotation. I lucked out and the day I joined was the only flat route to the track and back, thus not an incline in site--- nailed it! Afterward they ordered pizzas for everyone and helped make signs for the Nashville Women's 1/2 marathon that was in town that upcoming weekend. 

Day 22- Jackalope trivia + cards against humanity
COST: Free ($11 for 2 beers + mac & cheese)
This is a classic example of why i wanted to do this challenge in the first place. I was near downtown getting my haircut when I decided to stay down there to see if anything was going on. I happened to see using the app Wannadoo --- best app for finding activities to do-- that the Jackalope brewery does trivia on Thursday so I texted a few people to see if they wanted to join. Michael (plaid next to me) said he would be interested IF I found others to go so it wasn't just us. I struck out with everyone else and made the executive decision to just go and randomly join someone's team. Since Michael knew I was going regardless he agreed to join and as I was waiting for him in walks Jesse (green shirt) who I met during my #30daysofnew on both day 4 and day 7 so I joined him and his friends. We rocked the first round and were in 1st place at halftime, but unfortunately dropped the ball on the last few questions and didn't place 

Day 23- Lightning 100 Friday Afternoon Live
COST: Free
I see a pattern with all the lightning 100 sponsored events! Every monday evening there is a 1 hour spot on their radio station starting at 6:15 (for those that don't know, Nashville area code is 615) featuring only local artists. During that show, they announce who their artist of the week is. The rest of that week they play them in heavy rotation and then on Friday that band plays a free concert for anyone that shows, along with plenty of opportunities to win tickets to other shows. I played rock, paper scissors for Broken Bells tickets, but I lost in the 2nd round :(   The band, Vinyl Thief was pretty darn good. I have to say the topper of the night was Becca walking away with the digits of the guy who I beat in rock, paper, scissors who happens to be an ex-lightning 100  worker and friends of my dj :) 

Day 24- Nashville Symphony free day of music
COST: Free
No idea if this is a new concept or something that is done annually, but the Nashville Symphony announced that they were having free music all day a few saturdays ago. I have never been to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, let alone been to the symphony, so I was pumped I got to experience this without spending a dime. In addition to the Symphony performing, there were a lot of local songwriters and performers who we were able to watch as well. When we went, most of the performances were outside and it was a SCORCHER that day, so we only lasted about 2 hours before meeting up with friends for dinner.  Occasionally we'll have big artists that team up with the symphony- Ben Folds is the most recent, so I'm going to make sure to be on the lookout so I can experience the true Symphony experience! 

Day 25- Sky High Trampoline Gym
COST: $14 / hr
So many of my friends have been to this trampoline gym, some even are on a trampoline dodge ball league, but for whatever reason I've never taken the plunge. A few of my PT friends warned me to be careful since they have treated several people who have been injured here, so I was actually a little nervous in going. Kristin and I went one sunday afternoon and it was kid birthday party central,so we decided to come back late on a weeknight- best decision ever! Between trying to move around in the foam pit and racing in the giant trampoline area, we were wiped within 40 min- no idea how people spend more than an hour here! After conquering my "your going to sprain an ankle fear", I think I may be ready for a pick up dodgeball game here soon! 

Day 26- Checking out old theater, Sinema, turned restaurant/bar
COST: $5 for beer
The Nashville restaurant / bar/ local scene is absolutely exploding. Everyone is trying to take a unique spin on venue or food to get one step ahead of the rest. Ever since I've lived here there was an abandoned theater on 8th just screaming be be renovated, and earlier this year thats exactly what happened. I'm told its extremely hard to get in, so we winged it by going late on weeknight to avoid the dinner rush and were able to walk right in. Unbeknownst to us, we were actually crashing the tail end of a Ferrari party and were severely underdressed, but no one gave us grief until we got to the bar to order a drink. Apparently we missed Taylor Swift and two of the cast members from Nashville (Chloe and Gunner) who were there earlier--- timing is everything! I took full advantage going through all the rooms each with their own unique twist, perfect for lounging and having great conversation. I'd like to come back to actually enjoy a meal and not feel like all eyes are glaring on the girls in jeans. 

Day 27- Joining a random pick up game for night kickball.
COST: Free
My gf Danielle had texted me earlier in the week that her bf's team needed 2 girls to round out there male dominant kickball team and asked if we could join. I've been on a kickball league before, however I'd at least known / met/ or talked over email with my teammates prior to a game. Showing up only knowing Danielle + completely different rules from what I was used to was intimidating, but I  got in the swing of things and actually played outfield pretty well. We ended up losing so it was decided we can either be in our 30s and have the time to practice and dominate in kickball, or we can show up do our best and not care if we lose because we have more going on in our life--- the latter is the better option ;) Since then they've asked me to sub in twice more, however I had conflicts both times and was unable to make it. 

Day 28- Trivia at 3 Crow
COST: Free
I'm convinced now that not only could you play trivia every day of the week in Nashville, but also choose from different venues on the same night.  I REALLY did not want to go out this night, but Kristin mentioned a bunch of her friends were meeting up in East Nashville and she had wanted to play since she's never taken part in trivia, whaaaaat?? I've played at a LOT of different venues with many different announcers and this was probably the most annoying of them all as it took extra long to play since they were slow with calculating points, waiting for the entire song to be over no matter what before next question, and even doing half time giveaways which ate a big chunk of time. This was also one of the first times I've played where I didn't know many of the answers, so I felt like I wasn't contributing.  I'd go back once more to see if its any better, but otherwise I'll stick to the Thursday night triva at Jackalope instead. 

Day 29- Full Moon Pickin' Party
COST: $20 (includes entry + 4 beers)
Starting in the late spring one Friday a month when there is a full moon, Percy Warner Parks hosts their pickin party for anyone to come enjoy live folk / bluegrass music. This one  was the last pickin' party of the season, so I was determined to go, rain or shine.... and yes it rained on all of us! I always enjoy live music, but what I loved most about this is how you can walk around, pet some horses, watch pop up jam sessions with other music lovers who brought their own instruments, and mingle with others. Event was both kid and dog friendly, hence a lot of families, which adds to the laid back environment. Unfortunately for us this was a pop up FREEZING day so between the rain + not being equipped for cold temps we left early. I'm anxious to go back this spring when its dry and warm to see how that changes the crowd and atmosphere entirely. This is worth at least checking this out once if you're in the greater nashville area. 

Day 30
I received a lot of suggestions of different grand finale items to close out this challenge, but ultimately I decided not to 'officially' do a 30 day. I wanted this to serve as a reminder that we should always be striving to try new experiences since that helps us grow and meet new people.  I've done quite a few more activities that are new to me since this challenge ended, so I don't think i'll ever close the book on this concept. I've noticed my attitude has changed toward going out as well. If someone asked me to meet up for dinner / drink / etc and I was tired, I would immediately just take a rain check. Now I feel like Jim Carey in the 'Yes Man' and remind myself you never know what will happen or who you'll meet when you venture outside the home. 

I highly recommend this challenge for anyone looking to get outside their comfort zone, expand their social circle, or just get out of a social rut! It is exhausting as well as challenging to constantly be looking for items last minute, but in the end totally worth it!