Friday, June 7, 2013

Randoms for Friday

2 posts in 2 days, whoa that hasn't happened in Because I can land in a long time... guess I have a lot of random things in my head

  • Finally locked down a Vermont Half marathon that doesn't break the bank and that B agreed to join me in. Maple Leaf 1/2 on Sept 7th.  Let's ignore the fact that I'll have a race for 5 weeks in a row now, and just enjoy the fact that my quest is almost finalized!
  • Last state that needs to be planned is Virginia. I'd LIKE to do it near the DC area so I can stay with one of my best friends and also see DC (never been before) 
ANY SUGGESTIONS for Oct / Nov time frame?
  • Went trail running, like true technical trail running, last night for the first time in over a decade. There was an option of a 2.4 mile trail (white), or a super hard have to walk in spots 4.5 (red) mile trail. Since it had rained and it would be muddy, combined with no idea how I'd do, I opted for the shorter, easier route. 
  • The rain made parts super slippery so there was a lot more walking than I would have liked. First time ever I looked down and saw 12 min pace. I ran a little bit extra after trail to get in 2.5 miles in 29 min... Ballin'. Next time I go I'm opting for the longer route since less "walkers" tend to do those- let's hope I don't die ;) 
  • I broke down and registered for an inaugural half here- Franklin 1/2. Something about a half marathon in Tennessee in June just doesn't sound appealing. Heat, Hills, and Humidity anyone? Truth is most of my friends are running it, and since its the first year, why not. No goals for this race as I don't do well in heat and Nashville runners are FAST. 
  • I'm still getting adjusted to the iphone. I happened to come across the handy post from Myra @ My Best Life on the best downloabable phone apps. I've already tinkered around with a few and I'm super excited to take some great photos this next week at OBX... Tropical Storm Andrea will not damper this girls beach time!
Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Manchester if (semi)close to me- I recommend flying into Albany (if you aren't already) and driving up!

  2. I will have to check out that post, I am still getting adjusted to my iPhone too, hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I hope you love your new phone! Enjoy OBX!

  4. Yay for almost completing your challenge! So exciting!!

  5. when is richmond? that's a good one i think but not sure on distance to dc...also need to go back and look at the RW article i read-it had a few suggestions i think. or this site-i've been using it to find races.

  6. If there is anything that will slow even the fastest of runners down even a little it's a muddy trail run. How cool that you have almost completed your quest!

  7. To be honest, I have a bit of a fear of trail running. I just feel it would bring back feelings back when I was overweight and out of shape. So while I like the idea of trying it, it makes me nervous. I guess I have sort of done a "trail" run but it was a heavily traveled path so probably not really. Looking forward to hearing about the half!

  8. October 13 is the Heritage Half Marathon in Gainesville, VA. Probably 1 hour south of DC and30 min from Dulles Airport (IAD). I ran the half and 5k the last 2 years. It is a very small race, so logistics are easy. The race starts and ends at a school and goes along a paved sidewalk along a road. It's not the most scenic half I ran, but it's not bad. Here is the website: