Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jameson Invite repeat

So tomorrow is the Thanksgiving 5 mile Turkey Trot back home in Dayton Ohio. Although this is a race I have never participated in (or any 5 mile race for that matter) its much anticipated due to the fact that apparently its a big show down to see who will win between my older brother Eric and I. I've always been considered the "runner" in the family, so obviously I'm the favorite to win but I can't help but think back to the last time we had a running competition within my family.

I had just finished my 8th grade track season pretty much undefeated in the 400. I was fast in comparison to the other girls, but how many other 5'10 130lb 8th graders are out on the track? My mom kept bragging about my 'speed' to my older brothers (18 and 20 at the time) and thought it would be a grand idea to hold a "Jameson Invitational" down at the track. We scheduled a date to do a 400 meter race, mom bought 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons, and even had spectators show up. I was so mortified because I knew there was probably no way I would win considering they were much older and faster than me, but was forced to go through with it.  To sum it up I got severely beat and I think I just walked off the track with 100 meters left to go. I was embarrassed because running was 'my thing'... it was what I was good at and in that moment it was taken away from me.
Fast forward 13 years later to present day and you've got the race tomorrow (minus my other brother Andy). What should be an enjoyable 5 mile race- despite 30 degrees and pouring, may turn into a 'don't get beat by your brother' race. I told my mom that I anticipate a first place ribbon this time around :)

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