Friday, August 17, 2012

5 things Friday

 great things that happened this week

1. Started new job this week. First few days were stressful, but I've gotten into my groove. I used to count the minutes down to when I could leave at 3:55. Now I find myself staring at the clock at 6pm and not yet lready to leave... OBVIOUSLY i'm in the honey moon stage right now.  I  have a new AMAZING view to look at every day - though it can be distracting to watch people enter and leave work. 

2. Went running on Wednesday after work and the run itself sucked and my knee really bothered me. When I had 1 mile left I just kicked it with all I had to be done... the result below in lower left hand (goes to show even with my last mile being that fast, avg pace was 9:29... goes to show how the other 4 miles were)

3. Had some great deals arrive in the mail this week-
First up runningskirts was having a sale over the weekend for free shipping. I also used the 15% off code , iskirt.  I was able to get my skirt plus a free gift for all for $36.55! I'll be honest I forgot about the free gift and didn't even know what it would be... was stoked when I opened it up. I've used it so much already :)
 Then I happened to find some GREAT value sparkly non slip bands on etsy. The below 3 were $15 total plus $1.50 for shipping. Yes please!
 Put them both together and I have one sweet running outfit for my run in Ohio with my brother (if he answers my texts or phone calls)

4. Business Cell came in today!!
Although I have been using the Droid for 2+ years, an I phone and all its functionality is new to me. I think what I'm most excited about is I'm going to downgrade my phone plan now to basic and use the iphone for internet gadgets and such--- yay for saving money!

5. I'm leaving to head back to Ohio in an hour. I haven't been home since Easter, but considering my sis- in - law turns thirty and this little guy turns 2, I figured it deserves a trip since my schedule can allow it 

From last time I was home- apparently he talks more. 

Hope you had 5 things that made you happy this week :) 


  1. Having a job you love and feel happy with is so important! So happy for you :)

  2. Have a great time with your family!!!!

  3. i'm so happppy that you love your new job!!!! not too much longer til i'm your work neighbor... hope i'm feeling the same away about mine! :) oh and woman, the iphone will change you... haha

  4. Having a job you love makes life so much better!! Love the always!!

  5. Great view! Colorful outfit as usual :) I'm still trying to decide what to wear for Air Force. I'm switching from a droid to iPhone next month! Can't wait! Your pace wows me!

  6. That skirt is so cute! I love the sparkly headbands, they are my fave.