Friday, August 10, 2012

Five for Friday

 things that make me happy this week, in no particular order

1. Today is my LAST day health coaching. Come Monday I transition into my new role (same company) as an account management consultant-- longer hours, more busy, but there is a significant increase in pay and its way overdue for some change. Yesterday my current team gave me a going away basket of some of my favorite things-- what I thought was sweet is these are all items they've heard me talk about in conversation--- I swear I do eat healthy despite what they gave me haha 
  • 2 packages of Haribo Gummy bears
  • 1 package of normal gummy bears
  • king size reeces
  • pop corn
  • Hershey's cookies and creme pieces
  • caffeine free diet coke (actually its coke I love, but its the thought that counts)
  • and the kicker- 1 large white onion and onion ring mix so I could make my own (i crave fried onions after long runs)
Only thing missing in the basket is bacon. Sad to leave such a great team, but I'm sure I'll see them around at bootcamp or the cafe. 

2. My knee is feeling MUCH better so I"m going to go ahead and get in my FIRST 20 miler ever. I received my hydration vest in the mail last week so I will be testing that out as well. At first I was nervous, but I planned it out so I'm waking up EARLY to get 5 miles in during the 5am hour and then at 6 meeting up with one of my running buddies Brian to do 15--- at least I won't be bored.  Its funny what you find when googling the word "20 miles"- Vanessa, you showed up haha. I don't know who this guy is, but looking at his last blog post we have the same shoes, and  I dig the photo so I'm sharing it
mmm blue moon. 


81 degrees is what the temps will be today and tomorrow... oh and low humidity. That is worth doing a little dance for because normally its a swamp out there (just in time for long run) 

4. If you haven't figured out by now.. I like bright colors- whether its my racing outfits or shoes. Case in point when I set a goal for myself to run sub 1:45 and rewarded myself with these bad boys:
I do love them, but they are not the same as a stability shoe, so these I generally wear for cross training and my actual shoes are BORING. For those out there that wear stability shoes I'm sure you can relate: I'm getting tired of all these cute, vibrant colors out there for minimalist shows (brooks pure project for example)--- WHERE is the love for those of us that wear stability shoes. I found my current obsession- HOT pink version of the shoes I already wear (Saucony Guide 5s) 
I've been SCOURING the internet to find my size, no luck so far, all sold out. So if any of YOU happen to see a size 10.5 in womens, please email me ASAP Thank you in advance :) 

5. My dog back home, Madie had a large tumor on her paw removed, just got word last night that despite what they thought was most likely cancer, it was infact benign! I can't wait till next time I go home so I can smother her with kisses.
On the upside- her cast is fabulous hot pink and at least her cone is transparent vs. the traditional white like they use to have. 

Anything exciting good happen in your week?


  1. I love bright shoes too! Good luck on your first 20 miler. Hope you have lots of good snacks to take with you. Like those gummy bears!

  2. Haribo Gummi Bears are the best. What a nice group you work with.

    Let Madie know I didn't even notice the cone at first glance.

  3. So random that I pop up, haha! Considering I have run 20 miles like....once. Clearly I'm an expert now. Such awesome news about the new job - congrats!

  4. I am so happy your dog is okay. Congrats on the new job. i am sure you are gonna rock it! Good luck on 20 miles, I am sure you will rock those too!

  5. I LOVE those Sacounys!!! I'm happy your dog is ok and that you are excited about your new job!! Good luck're going to rock that 20 miler!!!

  6. How exciting to be staring a new position and BONUS more pay! I'm looking for a hydration vest. I'd love to know your thoughts after trying yours.

  7. Good luck with your 20 miler! So glad your pup is okay:) I totally agree about the stability shoes. We like pretty colors too!

  8. Found your blog and saw my friend Fran (the guy holding the Blue Moon) in your post - so weird! Good luck on the run this weekend, and thanks for the link to my blog.

  9. Yes, the show color is killing me! Every time I open a runner's world magazine and see all those awesome shoes, I get jealous! When I go to buy running shoes I get the most boring shoes ever! :(

  10. Curious to hear how your 20 went. Seems like everyone is getting injured! I'm coming back from my shin pain, but am trying to take it slow and be patient. Hope you're still feeling good!