Friday, November 16, 2012

5 for Friday

1. In an attempt to get back into doing a New to me Cross training every month I decided to give "Just Dance" a whirl--- I'm mildly obsessed and do it every day after work. Here is a video on day 1--- unfortunately, my dancing skills aren't the greatest. I'll have my roommate take a video of me doing the russian hard one for my actual recap.

2. Last weekend I went to Catalina Island since Mark was running the marathon there. Did you know its the 6th hardest marathon in the WORLD (according to runner's world) It's a trail marathon and one of the girls we were stay with was going on and on about her minamalist trail shoes. Since she was over 6'0 and had more weight to carry (for her height, not her frame) I decided to try on her shoes. Loved the feel of them so I decided I want a pair. Wouldn't you know it when I get back to Nashville the next day Mark found a site that was doing a 1 day sale on them---- for $30. They came in yesterday and I ran in them today. I'm inlove

Not the most stylish looking and unfortunately they are really just designed for trails so running on the road will wear these puppies out FAST since its a lightweight foam that makes up the deep blue part. 

3. I'm going here tonight--- so excited!

4. I just found out that I have way more PTO than I thought I did and I have to whittle it down to just having 40 hours to transfer over to 2013... that means if my calculations are correct I'll be off a few days before Christmas all the way into the New Year---- YES PLEASE!!!

5. Favorite photos from Catalina- unfortunately my phone says i have no sd card, so these are more of my favorite photo's from Mark's camera.
Our House

Night out with all the roommates

During marathon

After race touring island via golf cart

Part of course
Wiki wacked! 


  1. Here at the Reed house, we love to watch you dance! Russian hard one, TWSS.

    I'm glad you had such a great trip.

  2. glad you had a good trip! and, that time off totally rocks. we always get the week btw christmas and new years and i LOVE it. i wonder if my whole foods offers the same beer thing-sounds tasty!

  3. you got some MOVES girl!! I love the video!

    I have some NB minimus shoes for CrossFit (not the trail kind) and I LOVE them. $30 is a STEAL OF A DEAL. woo!

    Jealous of your extra PTO. like WAY jealous. I'm out. boo.

  4. I love Catalina! I've been looking for minimalist trail shoes. What brand did you buy? Why can't minimal/natural running shoes be a little more stylish? I just bought Newton's and love them except for the multi-bright colors!

  5. Hope you enjoyed Catalina! For all the years I lived in So Cal, I never made it out to the island. (It's still on my bucket list.)

    And major score on the shoes! Congrats!