Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday Tangent--- the last 3 weeks.

I haven't blogged in awhile so here are the highlights:

Running / Fitness
  • Up until this past weekend, I hadn't ran since New Jersey... that was Oct 14th-- call it a combo of travel + stress / busy at work + didn't feel like it, + lost my ipod shuffle charge and my roommate broke my garmin charger. 
  • I gained 6 lbs in those 3 weeks--- sigh
  • I did run 5 miles on saturday- it sucked and I realized how quickly not running for 3 weeks takes a toll on stamina--- my avg pace for the run was 9:40 haha. I ran the same 5 mile route on Sunday and something just clicked and avg pace was 8:12--- that is more what I like to see. 
  • Only paid for and planned races are Turkey Trot 5 miler with brother and Mark. Becca's debut back into half marathons by doing New Mexico, and our annual rudolph downtown 5k to kick off the Christmas parade. I need to fill up 2013, so state suggestions are welcome :) 

  • Work has been SUPER busy, but that is expected with open enrollment season. I have to take it home every night and on the weekends. 
  • What has been my SAVING GRACE is a little website I've been meaning to share with you all--- www.mobilevids.org . My brother told me about it a month ago---- pretty much ANY tv show you can watch on this site. Different from hulu because the show gets uploaded right after it airs, and its every season. I don't have a tv so I've been able to catch up on Revenge, Once Upon a time, Pretty Little Liars, True Blood, Gossip Girl to name a few. I just pull this bad boy up on my personal lap top, pull up work on the work lap top and plug away... its been a sanity saver. 

Personal / Social
  • I went to San Diego- got to see the Running skirts store mecca in real life (it was super dooper tiny and they only carry the current season in stock

  • saw a seal in person for the first time EVER. 

  • Went whale watching and saw a TON of dolphins for the first time EVER (no photo proof)
    • got sea sick and had to take meds--- i was one of the lucky ones that didn't vomit... there was a  LOT of that going on
  • Found out I was 4 pumpkins tall

  • Had a last minute visit with my cousin Chad while passing through in L.A.- he moves to Saigon next week. 

  • Cried for a total of 9 hours in week... yup 9, it was fantastic. 
  • Scored last minute tickets to see Alanis Morisette live--- she was good, her opening rapper husband.... not so much. I sang the entire "head over feet" song as she belted it out. 

  • Went as warrior girl for Halloween on the weekend (costume was free so no choice there)

  • Then I channeled my inner sex good and went as SNL character Gilly for work Halloween

I got her dance moves down too 

  • I decided to take the plunge again and got full front bangs- pic later
  • Gearing up to go to Catalina Island this weekend--- Mark is running the marathon, I will be shopping, eating, and talking with his mom while he runs the tough hills. 

So that has been my life over the last 3 weeks. Hoping to blog more as well as catch up on the 300+ posts sitting in my reader!!


  1. Busy time chickie!! I LOVE the Gilly costume!!! I'm sorry to hear that you are swamped but hopefully it will calm down soon!! You are always welcome in MA for 2013!!

  2. Mobilevids.org....thanks for sharing! Kind of a bummer about the RS store, oh well.
    I can't believe that you are headed back to Cali already. Good luck to Mark this weekend.

  3. Whew you have been a busy girl! love both costumes! Blessings!!!


  4. SO cool that you saw that seal! So cute:) Hope things slow down on the work front and sorry you had a 9 hour crying session:( Hope you feel better:)

  5. Um, okay, now we must be best friends, because I was Gilly for Halloween last year!

  6. ooh, so sorry about the crying. but, loving your halloween costume, and the seal, and the tv watching :) i think you have done all the states that i have planned so far…bummer. and, can’t WAIT to see the hair!

  7. I just received my Running Skirts skirt in the mail yesterday. It fits perfectly with no altering. That rarely happens! Your post makes me miss Cali terribly. I would move back tomorrow if I could. The last time I went to Catalina I shared a boat with a group of boy scouts that ate too much candy and the waves were choppy. You can only imagine haha!

    Great costumes!