Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up in Photos

Single's Awareness Day

With our token guy for the night, aka, my newest running partner Bryan

Mind  got blow once again at Kroger
didn't purchase this one, still need to finish PB Toast Crunch 

8 bars for $7.00---- what a steal!

Went to my apt gym for the first time ever and had an extremely boring 3 miles with this view

Found a new favorite sandwich "Fried Green Tomato BLT w/ Fried egg"--- HEAVEN

Highschool friend Tom came up to visit for part of weekend- naturally had to show off my favorite local brewery, Yazoo

Liquid goodness... 

Acquired the BEST pint glass EVER-- who doesn't love puppies drinking beer?!?!

Free tickets to the Preds hockey game (only been when i'm in the box, was cool to be with the fans this go round)
Amazing seats (not zoomed in) 

Just so happens we were next to the music stage and who do I see?!? Deacon from the show Nashville!!

warming up his guitar
playing with the band

Ran 6 miles yesterday and decided to really push it the last mile- 7:09... I'll take it!

Had the highest mileage week in my daily mile view!!!

Finished with an AMAZING show...
Bronze Radio Return

and Howie Day (my 4th or 5th time seeing him over that last 9 years) 

This weekend was an absolute blast- although it was a whirlwind, every so often its nice to constantly be on the go and attend different events to really maximize my appreciative for the great city I live in! 

How was your weekend, anything exciting??


  1. This was a total food and beer bonanza for the eyes! Now I want cereal, a pbutter Larabar and that egg BLT sandwich. Ever had a burger with fried egg on it? I'm sure you have. Anyway, it's my fav.

    Way to make that last mile snappy! I think I ran a 7:09 once. But only once! HA!

    Love that pint glass. Sucky thing is that you have to hand wash those so you don't lose the puppies :(

  2. oh i love deacon! great weekend!!

  3. Wow, you did more in one weekend than I do in one month!! :) Sounds perfect!!

  4. Great photos! My weekend was spent with 25,000 cheerleaders at the world's largest cheer competition. I was introduced to the concept of cheerlebrities! My daughter had the time of her life :)

  5. 7:09?! That's awesome! I once saw a 7:57 on my garmin but it was the last little bit of a sprint in a 5k and I certainly didn't sustain that pace for a whole mile! The pics are fun and those were cool seats at the hockey game! I am always surprised how much I like hockey :)

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend...and 7:09 wow...impressive

  7. Wow, congrats on your miles inching back up there, and the highest mileage week! Larabars on sale always makes my day, too. :)

  8. obsessed with nashville!! i would've died!