Friday, February 1, 2013

5 for Friday

Here's what happened this week in Because I can land...

1. ) Linda- Switched seats at work to finally sit near my team, was dreading it since I was losing my awesome view, but ... FREAKIN.LOVE.IT. I got a new staple at my desk--- I named her Linda.. for Linda Lamp.

As an added bonus, my desk mate behind me is "the candy lady", so anytime I need a chocolate fix, I can turn around and have an M & M or 10... maybe this isn't a good thing? I've been swayed to join forces with her and also be the candy lady so there can be a one stop shop for variety... I WILL practice self control :)

2.) 29- I wrapped up my week (I'm counting week from last wed - tuesday) with 29 miles for my first week back to running. I'm so excited because my body feels fine (lungs may disagree), but its been a REALLY long time since I've ran that many miles in a week before--- I crunched the numbers and its actually been since July 16 (my birthday week!) since I've ran that many. My god I'm the world's best example of how to not train appropriately. 

3. ) Newtons- I received my Newton's for Christmas 2010- they are not my 'everyday' running shoes as I generally will run 6 miles or less in them due to heel drop and not wanting tight calves and hamstrings. I loaned them to a friend for 2 months, forgot about them, and finally got them back on Tuesday. I decided to test them out on the gym and did a 3 mile run at 8:00 min pace (run varied b/n 6:30 min/ mile to walking so 8 is what it averaged to) so excited that I was able to do it + I wasn't sore at ALL the next day. Huge step in the right direction
shoes really are that bright, but sadly I'm no where near that dark... i'm close to casper than i am to any shade near brown. 

4.) Hokas- Lately I've been hearing more and more about Hoka running shoes, or as the proper name for them 'Hoka One One'--- its funny because it seems that they are the opposite of a minimalist shoe, yet still offer the same benefits as a minimalist shoe?  From their website:
"The distinctive rockered geometry creates a platform for optimally efficient natural running mechanics. The oversized outsoles allow for maximum stability, traction and connection to the ground. Not only do the shoes provide a sense of weightlessness, superior comfort and efficiency but Hoka’s athlete results prove optimal performance. They have recorded over 30 podium finishes on five continents in the past 18 months. Additionally, these running shoes are 15 percent lighter than most others. They make running uphill as much fun as they make running downhill and with less body fatigue."

I'll admit, the last sentence that I underlined had me intrigued and so I wanted to post the question--- 
Anyone out there tried Hokas? Thoughts? Pros / Cons?? 
I know their pricey, BUT i do have quite a bit of credit on Amazon so I can buy them through their and they would be cheap that way.  Also they are NOT stylish... they remind me of the first edition of Sketchers shape ups. 

5.)  Anniversary Today is marks the 3 year service anniversay at work--- although my department is uber fun, they have no idea that it's today so it just kind of  feels like any other day.Everyone gets their anniversay day off OR save it for a rainy day (in my case a monday)  At least there will be wine later for Blue Zones Friday :) 

Anything exciting happen this week for you?

Thoughts on Hokas shoes?


  1. I've been really curious about Hokas as well. To be honest, when I first saw the name on another blog, I thought she nicknamed them "Hokas" - like a shortened version of "hooker". Yep, I'm SMART! I feel like I am always on the search for the perfect shoe so if you do try them, I can't wait to read about it! We got a SNOW DAY! yesterday! I work at a university and they are rare - it was great!

  2. Hokas are the ugliest shoes in the world. Can't say I've heard a bad thing about them though. One of the few brands I've never tried. Can you go to a local running store and at least try them on a treadmill or something?

  3. Hokas look very "interesting" to say the least. I heard about them but I haven't found anybody running in them.

  4. wondered about the hokas too-but they are soo ugly. i mean. really.

  5. I've been so happy with my Newtons I decided to go with their trail shoe too! Can't wait to try them out! The polar opposite of Hokas and minimal shoes have me perplexed. A blogging friend and some of the trail runners in Chad's running club love the Hokas. Just looking at them makes me wonder how you can run in them. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think.