Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Celebrating 'Merica

Despite my 'once a week' blogging, there is some actual running going on. I like how people re-cap what they did for week, so in the spirit of keeping me accountable- I'm going to start doing the same on Mondays. (I realize today is tuesday) 

Monday: Bootcamp followed by running with Fleet Feet- 4 miles
Tuesday: Fleet Feet Speed work at the track- 1.25m warm up, 6 400 repeats with 1 min rest in between, 1 mile cool down 
Wednesday: Barre fusion class--- helllllllo hips and abs 
Thursday: partied it up 'Merica Style 
Friday- It stormed thurs - sat, but somehow I did manage on Friday to squeeze in an 8 miler, but I didn't know where the sweat ended and the rain began.... I was a drowned rat. 
I was so excited that the sun was out and shining on Sunday I declared it pool day and skipped my run. 

Despite the rain, I had a really good 4 day 4th of July weekend- no races, just drinks, laughter, and friends. Nashville is ranked  in the top 5 firework shows in the nation... who has never seen them? This gal! I HATE large crowds and downtown is a nightmare, so I've always avoided them. This year my gf Emily threw a party in her condo which is located  in a trendy young professional area called "the gulch". You could see the fireworks from her back yard--- apparently rain + fireworks = LOTS of smoke, so they were hard to see. 

Playing around with Emily's belly dance props

look at all that smoke 

All night Nathan kept hitting on me and calling me his gf and by the end I was getting lap dances and he kept trying to sit on me--- for whatever reason I wasn't annoyed and found it humorous. This pic captures the essence of it all.

Even though I didn't run ON the 4th, I did get some use out of my awesome USA procompression socks

A bunch of us ladies carried on the celebrating the next night and went on the town

Saturday more drinking ensued with the roommate, bf, and his friends. After 3.5 years, we finally joined the beer club (UFO club) @ Flying Saucer- goal is to drink 200 beers over course of time- only allowed 3 diff beers to count a night. No cover at the bar, shirt, and once you hit 200 you get your name on a plate hung up and can throw a party and invite your friends to watch them put your plate up. you do also get little gifts along major milestone numbers. It will be YEARS before i finish, but thats okay

Once Sunday hit, I was BEERED OUT and just needed the lazy day at the pool.

Despite my low mileage week and more partying than I'm used to- my body just needed a break. My calf feels great and even though I felt like death the past 2 days running, that was attributed to humidity and not my body rebelling. Summer is officially here so I better get used to these temps QUICK 


  1. Old Chicago does a similar beer challenge, but I think it was 210 beers? Anyway, I *do* have my name on a plaque at the location in Broomfield (where I used to live up north)... I should totally get a picture of it.

  2. I love that you have a friend who has belly dance props.


    And, check out episode 2 of this season's Dexter. Your new haircut matches Deb's in a picture she has....

  3. Belly dance props? Who knew? Looks like lots of fun going on. Didn't realize they rated fireworks displays either!

  4. Looks like a blast, too bad it was raining and you couldn't see the fireworks. Maybe next year!

  5. Looks like a super fun weekend! I so want to hang by the pool now that you mentioned that. Maybe I will hit the lake this weekend.

  6. You had a great week! Yay for a fun 4th! Love those socks by the way...adorable!

  7. also ditto'ing kim's comment....:):)

    i've always wanted to learn to belly dance.