Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Is that a tube of Nuun in your front pocket??

Since the Franklin 1/2 marathon (up until yesterday) I ran once. I wanted to rest my calf, + we had a large conference in town last week where all our remote colleagues in our Direct to Employer Market came in for training. I was co-chair of organizing said training and MC'ed the whole thing, so needless to say, last week was a blur. I did manage to lead a group run Wed morning-- they asked for something scenic and hard, so I took them to Dave Ramsey's house... man I have a love/hate relationship with that route.
Only 3 of us wanted to pose with his house

Last night I went to our Monday night fleet feet crew and managed to do all 4 miles WITHOUT taking my shirt off--- quite an accomplishment as of late considering I can barely make it a mile anymore before stripping. Afterward we stuck around for Nuun Trivia. Ok so they didn't ask ANY questions about Nuun, but the Nuun rep was hosting and the winning team each got a Nuun pint glass with 2 tubes of Nuun, some gift cards to Fleet Feet and the bar we always run at, as well as the grand daddy of a prize, the large Nuun trophy. 

Leah and I have our "wall of awesome" in our living room (aka where we have both of our medals and trophies) so we REALLY wanting to add this to our collection.  The team with the most creative name won a prize (hence the title of this post), but they said in the words of Ricky Bobby "If you're not first, you're last", so 2nd place in trivia got diddly squat. 

Apparently we suck at movie trivia and song lyrics when they are read out loud in a monotone voice, so we got 2nd- wah wah. I would like to note that one of the questions was "Which state is known as the equality state for being the first to allow women to vote"- With 100% confidence I told my team it was Wyomming and we were the ONLY team to get it right... traveling for half marathons across the country, finally paying off- BOOM

We happily took all our tubes of Nuun and oh so maturely posed to represent our team name (only Leah and I didn't have front pockets so the chest area was just as good)


This morning was my first official day of speed work group training. Last week it kicked off with a 1 mile time trial to base the rest of your workouts off of. Due to training mentioned above I wasn't able to amke it so I had to do my time trial solo on the track Sunday morning. 6:01 was the official result which is kind of funny considering that is exactly what I ran last year when I was curious how fast I could do 1 mile. I'd like to say that it would be cool to break 6, but honestly... when am I ever going to run just 1 mile, therefore I'm happy with my time. 

Today called for progressive 1 mile warm up, some drills, then 8 400 repeats  at your designated pace with 60 sec of rest in between. My repeats were supposed to be 90 sec... yowzas. First one I went out too fast which is pretty typical for most- 82 sec. The next few were spot on 90 sec, and naturally the wheels came off and I was averaging more around 94 / 95 sec. 

I haven't been so happy to finish a workout in a LONG time. Thankful I brought my sweat rag. Saucony was there to sample out lighter shoes (they had my beloved mirage 3s), but since you can't get much lighter than the virattas, I just wore them and they did just fine. 

I'm hoping over the next 10 weeks my love for the track will return, but as of right now, I still dread 400s. 

Do you have any favorite track workouts?
"back in the day" i used to love 300 repeats bc it was just enough to sprint it all and not get as winded in 400. I'm pretty sure they would suck now. 


  1. Wow, that Dave Ramsey has a nice house!

    I'm sorry you were first loser in your trivia game, but love that WY did some good!

  2. yowza speedy mile! I bet you could break 6. nice job knowing Wyoming and love the photo with the Nuun.

  3. That's insane. 6:01??? Wowza.

    Love the Lulu skirt, I've been on the fence about getting that one.

  4. Love that Lulu skirt too. In fact I have it in black, before they made all the cute colors. Great job on the trivia!

  5. 400s are my all time favorite! Sadly with ultra training there is little to no speed work so I haven't been to the track very often this year. Looking forward to getting back to weekly speedwork after my fall goal race. I have the same skirt in black and pink. Love it!

  6. I would have guessed Delaware..I obviously do not travel out west for half marathons :)