Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

LOVE this holiday as dressing up is always a nice break in the routine! I'm a big fan of Halloween Homemade costumes. Since I've been in Nashville....

chick from dodgeball 

Princess Lolly (Candy land) 

Gilly from SNL 

Monday's Run Group Costume run
50 Shades of Grey and Lady Godiva 

Today at work 
The leg lamp from a Christmas story (the lamp is a staple at my desk)

What is your favorite costume?

Most creative / homemade?


  1. Seriously you always have the most creative costumes!!! Once at a party a guy friend of mine was the shower from the Karate Kid movie! It was hilarious!!

  2. I am the laziest with costumes. Yours are great and very creative!!

  3. Awesome! BTW-we're sneaking away tonight and staying at the Heathman Hotel. I'll be thinking of you.

  4. The 50 shades of grey cracked me up. So great! I have not dressed up in forever but I did make my dog wear a hot dog costume so there is that.

  5. Love all your fun costumes! The more creative and original the better:)

  6. You have the best costume ideas! Love the lamp and shades of grey...priceless!

  7. The 50 Shades of Grey costume is so cute! I love creative, homemade costumes as well!

  8. Love your costume ideas! I make my costumes every year and I have to say one of my favorites was making and dress up as the pink power ranger! <3

  9. love the 50 shades of grey!! i was a hunter at a run (paired with my friend abby that was a deer). Otherwise, I was out of town for all halloween parties :(

  10. The leg lamp is so awesome! When I saw that on fb I remember giving major kudos about it to the people around me. Your costumes are always the best!!