Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekly Recap

I thought when I was done with my 5 weeks in a row of racing that life would calm down- still just as busy. Due to my sporadic blogging, a few people asked what in the world I'm up to that prevents me from being able to blog regularly. You asked, I delivered...

Highlights from the past week
5.5 miles after work to get in non traditional 'speed work' aka just run fast the whole time; 7:24 pace.
Kettle bell class after run
Last minute Lumineers show thanks to B at the famous Ryman (original Opryland venue)
Unless you are on the lower level and get stuck behind a pole, there really isn't a bad seat in the house. Its a smaller venue so it always sells out. Lumineers played 3 nights in a row of sold out shows. None of these photos were zoomed :) 

Work half day then  met up with the rest of my team since we were all in town for a workshop the rest of the week. Our 'team outting' was a Nashville Segway tour- yes please
This was all our first times on a segway, I had no idea its all based on your own body weight- lean forward go faster, lean back slow down. I gained a little too much momentum going down a hill and ran into one of teammates and fell off my segway... no big deal. I think the most embarrassing part for me was when I was doing circles and I got a foot cramp and had to hop off immediately and massage my foot. I got made fun of since I'm the runner in the group and my foot 'couldn't handle' standing on a segway... pretty sure I won't live that one down for awhile. 

Got home at 9pm, answered work emails / research till 11pm. 

Beginning of our  2.5 day "Go To Market" for all sales, account managers, and product teams to get together and collaborate  for the next year and learn all the new processes and such- exciting stuff, but exhausting.  Only workout for the day was wearing heels for 15 hours. 

After we were done around 7, met up with a friend for dinner and then crashed downtown. Today marked the first day I had coffee in 3 weeks and unfortunately it meant that I didn't fall asleep till 3am-- hating life. 

All day Go to Market followed by our awards dinner and banquet. 
They decided to give away a $60,000 BMW at the awards dinner- anyone that got an award + the people they wanted to recognize each received a ticket- from there 5 tickets were chosen and those individuals each got a set of keys. One by one they got to go in the car and see if their keys started the engine. 
Jeff from our health plan market was the lucky winner- it was pretty exciting even for us non winners. 
Left my place at 630 am, got home at 10pm, answered work emails till 11pm then crashed hard. 

Finish go to market and say goodbyes at 1pm, race home to pack for Bourbon Chase Relay- yup been so busy didn't even post about how I joined a team last minute. Then raced back downtown to meet up with my van by 3pm 
Van 2 of "Bulleit Train"

Coming into the relay, I only knew Kelly who is in blue shirt and black pants. We had a great, but VERY frustrating time. I'll do a full recap later this week, but lets just say that due to being assigned a later start time than what our pace reflected, we were constantly going back and forth with being the last place team on the course (time was good, just the last through the exchanges) It was definitely a major fail on the Bourbon Chase organizers as we were not the only team to experience this. 

ALL DAY Bourbon Chase... running with some bourbon mixed in.
 I was runner 12 and I crossed the finish line at 7:30pm... 7:27pm to be exact. We went and got our free bourbon, ate dinner, and left Lexington around 10:30 pm to head back to Nashville. I got to my place at 1:30am and CRASHED HARD since I didn't get a wink of sleep since Thursday night. 

Slept in. Was supposed go to another concert and dinner with a friend but I was sore and my stomach was completely off leaving me feeling less than stellar. I cancelled all my plans and just lounged around all day. I managed to eat 1 bowl of oatmeal with fruit and a chocolate meal replacement shake all day and I wasn't the least bit hungry. 

Last week was go, go go and thankfully we normally do workshops once a year otherwise I'd go insane from being so busy. 

Have you ever ridden a segway? Easy, hard?

Ever been so pumped up for a race only to be let down?


  1. That sounds like the busiest week ever. I'm exhausted just reading about it.

  2. I'm sorry but the idea of you falling off your segway is hilarious to me. I have never ridden one but some friends of mine are serious golfers and went to a golf course one time that had segways instead of golf carts. I thought that was interesting.

    So jealous of you getting to run Bourbon Chase. Some of my Nuun friends did that and loved it. Sorry about the mixed up start time...hopefully they won't have that issue next year. Still wish you could come run Vegas but hey at least the government opened back up :)

  3. I think I went to school with the guy in the green shirt on your relay team! Seriously! ha! small world. Hope you had fun!

    1. Jordan- it was my first time meeting the rest of team so i'm bad with the last names but his name was James- a bit younger than most of us as he was 25.

    2. YES! James. He went to school with me. ha! Super nice guy.

    3. Small world indeed- too funny! Yes, him and everyone else were so friendly.

  4. i am so dang jealous that you saw the lumineers at the ryman. so jealous!

  5. What a crazy week. I've never been on a segway and had no idea that is how they worked! I think I would crash and burn! I have been disappointed by a race and usually I can find something good about most, even if they didn't fulfill all of my expectations. I did a mud run and hated the whole thing. I won't ever do this one again and it has turned me off from all of the rest of the adventure races as well.

  6. one comment for all my reading: 1. LOVE that your parents are doing all of this for your 50th. super cool. it will be a few years for mine, but i hope it's a celebration, too! glad it worked out with the other race.
    2. super fun with the pumpkin patch. i didn't get to go with my niece. 3. SO glad i got to see you this past weekend-and hate you didn't love it like i did :(