Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekly Recap 2/10-2/16

Weights at home 
Extremely busy day at work to prep for our site visit to San Antonio the following day- didn't get finished tying up loose ends till well after my run group met (and it was freezing) so I skipped the run. Watched the Olympics with the roommate and commentated on the awesome butts on speed skaters and the lackluster excitement of the 1500 skating. Then this happened...f

I might have never mentioned Leah is friends with Sara and Ryan Hall - used to run with Sara and went to their wedding etc. Slightly jealous and definitely ups the roomie's cool factor

No workouts- travel day to San Antonio, TX for work. Naturally as luck would have it we were welcomed with 40 degrees and pouring rain whereas the rest of week was full of sunshine and 70/80 degree weather. Spent the bulk of the day meeting colleagues who will be working on the account I work with, as well as learning the differences of their protocol / processes vs. Nashville. I got hit on which was pretty funny. Rounded out the day with dinner and tons of great food and beer- they even carried Alaskan beer (only certain states carry it) 
Biggest brownie ever and I'm still in awe that I couldn't finish it

p90x Core Synergistics
Travel back to Nashville, was fighting a major headache since the night before so worked from home rest of the day. Roomie and I met up with some folks for dinner and drinks and I added this awesome addition to my pint glass collection (I have over 40) 
R.I.P.P.E.D class
Busy day at work. We had our hardest ripped class to date (finally learned what it stood for: resistance, intervals, power, plyometrics, endurance, distance) Usual Thursday routine, come home, unwind, watch "The Taste" while making different items in the kitchen. 

Friday- Valentine's Day
My Valentine this year (and who am I kidding, every year) was my parents. Mama J made me heart cookies and the parents bought me an awesome daughter necklace. Shaun T was delivered, and I had a bunch of chocolate at the Hot chocolate 15k expo. We won't even go into how I had to pay for parking, $8, and thought I'd use cash- only the machine doesn't dispense change and took my whole $20. (I hate downtown parking) The celebration / anti-celebration would commence on 15th, so 14th was a quiet night at home.

Hot Chocolate 15k - Recap to come. Short version- it was incredibly cold and ridiculously hard course. 
Probably the sexiest photo I've posted on this blog to date- promise I'm not that pasty, chose a bad filter

Got my nails did
Started day 1 of T25 with roomie- definitely will be waiting to share the 'before' photos until I can show some progress- day 1 went well, calves a little sore from the run earlier in the day combined with all the jumping in the video.

Rounded out the day by preparing for our Single's get together later that evening. We thought it would be a great idea to embrace our inner college self and make pink panty droppers- 10 beers, half handle of vodka, 6 lemonade concentrates- sweet, but good (although we had several, 1 was enough) 

Woke up incredibly sore, but it was in the 50s (compared to day befores 20s), so I had to go for a shakeout run and enjoy the temps. 
4 miles 8:40 pace
Waited for roomie to finish her bike ride then did day 2 of t25. So far the moves aren't terrible, its just some of them are awkward and seeing as we both run, we only work certain muscles. We had a rolling gab session together afterwards- quads, it bands, calves galore

Finished the day by heading to our regional championship trivia tournament... yes sounds silly. 50 teams around Nashville (top 5 teams at each location) were battling it out to make it to the ultimate championship in Tunica, MS in 2 weeks for the chance to win $25,000
Team "Coming in Hot"

Yes I'm the only female. For the championship you're only allowed 5 people, and since I've been around the longest I made the cut, whew. It's nice to know my random knowledge can come in handy at times. I also think its because of my awesome whit and humor I bring every week
It's a "party for your entire mouth"- seriously, who doesn't love these?!?!
:sidenote: proof I'm not pasty white 

At half time we were in 13th place, by the end of 10 rounds we were in 4th (top 6 go to MS). The "final" question is always putting items in order and you wager up to 30 points (if right you keep, if not you lose). I had to pull the executive / bitchy card and say since we were not 100% sure on our answers we were not going to wager any points because since the stakes were so high (and the questions were so difficult), the only teams that would wager are those trying to guess to make it in top 6. Leave it to the female to be right and we only dropped 1 place (an underdog team bet it all and lucked out) and we ended up 5th!!! 
March 1st we're heading to Tunica, MS to play amongst 119 other teams to see who is the grand winner (I'm told told top 3 actually get cash) It will be kind of nice to travel without having a race to run! 

On that note, all my spare time shall be spent studying the internets about presidents, geography, and literature- my 3 weakest categories. 
Total Workouts for the week
Runs (2)13 miles
Yoga 2 days
Weights / videos 5 days

Anything noteworthy in your week?

Fan of poprocks??
Had a hilarious / bad experience with watermelon, but love the other flavors

Do you have any obnoxious drink that takes you back to college?
I'm a beer snob and that is typically what I stick to, however in college it was all about what you could afford. $10 diluted bottle of vodka, 1L of mt. dew, few packets of kool aid and you have "razzle". I might puke if I were to attempt to drink that now. 


  1. Congrats on the big win! I hope Tunica, MS is more exciting than it sounds (shouldn't they be flying you all to Vegas??) Then again, what do I know about MS???
    Dude, T25 is for real. It hurts my calves just watching S do it! I hope you get awesome #SBS results.

  2. Congrats on making the team and going to MS!! Sounds like a lot of fun!!

  3. i cannot look at captain morgans spiced rum or diet dr pepper the same after our 'pardi gras' that we had in the football dorm my freshman year. PUKE. we also ruined a mini fridge that year making bull frogs, whoops. your weeks always sound so fun and interesting! if i stay up past 9pm right now, that's a wild night ;)

  4. i hate valentines day :) does this mean you aren't going to run in arkansas and want to do it next year with me? And maybe run long on Friday or Saturday early morning!?!?!?!?! congrats on that by the way! and yes- it was called sky lab. I have no idea what was in it-just that it was green and usually served in a massive plastic garbage can.