Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekly Recap 2/3-2-9

It seems like the weeks are just flying by since New Year's.  This week was pretty jammed packed and as you can deduce from below recaps, I ran once. My focus while its unbearable to run outside has shifted more toward 'sculpting' vs. solely on running.

Kettlebell Class followed by 4 miles @ our weekly Tin Roof Run

My gf Sarah finally joined me for RIPPED class - although we use small weights, its definitely a workout.

After class on my way to trivia Elizabeth reached out to see if I would want to be on a NUUN  all girl's team for Ragnar Trail Atlanta. Ever since my first experience with Ragnar Trail Vail Lake, (ridiculously long recap of everything you would want to know about a trail relay HERE )I vowed that I had to do another one in the near future- happily obliged and so excited to to have a gals weekend to look forward to in April! 

Finished the night by losing trivia badly with the absence of two of our team members- championship is this upcoming Sunday!  

Yoga at lunch
Bootcamp (first time in 3+ months since I've done this)
Today was the kickoff of our favorite bar's "social club" First Wed of every month there is a featured alcohol tasting with reps to drop some knowledge on us + unlimited food. I'm not a fan of bourbon, but since the roommate and I are friends with the owner, we wanted to be supportive and help make the first one a success. Upside, we were the ONLY girls there and we may have had some interested suitors approach us (we declined politely) 

I did nothing exciting. It was nice to just come home after work and veg out on couch and enjoyed an episode of "The Taste" while trying to create my own culinary creations... stuffed bell peppers. First time trying these out and they were delicious (I mixed 98% lean beef with quinoa, onions, and canned tomatoes) 

Remember that beer fest I went to where everything went terribly wrong and was one of the worst experiences of my life? It didn't go over so well with the roommate either (she also got sick even though she was just a volunteer pourer and didn't drink much) Although this transpired in December,  Friday was the scheduled "thank you party" the organizers were throwing for all the volunteers. I was Leah's   +1 so we could make better memories and maybe, just maybe want to go next year. 

She also invited someone I've been wanting to meet for quite some time, Jeanette Faber. She's a sponsored Brooks runner and ran in the USATF World Championships in Russia this summer for the marathon distance. Although she ran a 2:44:03 in Russia, her PR is 2:32:37 - damn. 
It just so happens she transplanted to Nashville a year ago so we know a lot of the same people.  I was picking her brain for advice when I decide to get disciplined and gun for a PR while getting speedy. Although I'm not ready yet, I'm excited to get back on the horse soon and put her knowledge to use.

P90x Core Synergistics 

One of my high school friends and teammates asked if he could come up to visit and check out a hockey game and local breweries. He lives in Alabama and their alcohol rules are still limited on what they can carry and such. I showed him all the goods he hasn't yet experienced on his previous visits. 
We pretty much ate and drank till our hearts content 

Pharamacy Burger (where I got bratwurst since I knew we were going to Burger Republic for dinner) 

Burger Republic - seriously best burger I've had in awhile- taco seasoned beef, jalapeno guac, pepper jack cheese- YUM. My favorite part was their naughty milk shakes- this was the Evil Smores - chocolate ice cream, chocolate graham crackers, marshmallow vodka, hershey chocolate bar + whipped cream on top! 

I got tickets to the hockey game via our suite and although the Preds lost miserably 5-1, still had a great time. 

Since none of us were ready to call it a night we walked to one of my favorite bar / restaurants downtown, Flying Saucer for some beer- a beer snob's heaven

Everytime I go there, I feel the need to get a photo with whomever on these balls - I know there are more than these 3, but all I could manage to find

Leah and I circa this weekend- holding eachother up 

Circa Fall 2011- chillin / Stephen flick us off 

My 26th birthday circa 2010- model posing 
If you come visit me in Nashville, I promise we can get a ball picture too ;) 

30 min of my own moves with weights while watching the most adorable movie ever Snowbuddies (I have dog fever lately - similar to baby fever, yet I don't need a man to complete this cure) 

Took Tom to my favorite brunch in town (all you can eat buffet) at Puckett's. Did some shopping at Kohls to use up coupons, then cooked and watched they Olympics while doing my taxes- lazy yet productive at the same time

It's imperative to be snuggled up with hot cocoa (bonus points if in an Elvis mug) while watching the winter olympics. Did anyone else notice how gorgeous / perfect hair / perfect smile the female snow boarders were??? They were all also all blonde and tiny, with a median height of 5'3. Guess my dreams of a snowboard

Overall, a pretty good week. As planned, running took a backseat to other workouts, and I'm okay with that. It also helps that it is frigid cold here and i have no desire to run in these temps!

Anything noteworthy in your week??


  1. Did you see The Onion article about Lolo Jones (objectified in both the winter and summer games). Cracked me up.

  2. Wow you had a crazy busy but very productive week! Nothing noteworthy in my week other than my back feeling better and being able to run again yesterday.. yay.

  3. Sounds like a great week of workouts and fun! Good for you - Enjoy!! My life seems so boring :)

  4. sounds like you are having so much fun and staying super busy!! can't wait till April!!! I was in AZ for work, so it was more exhausting than eventful :)