Thursday, July 24, 2014

Three Things Thursday- back to the track


Kim is HERE! We spent a solid 2 years(?) racing and seeing one another almost every month, that its been weird to have gone cold turkey since November - Oklahoma Route 66 1/2. The past several years her daughter has a bball tourney literally right down the road from my house, so I was beyond excited to play hostess and show her around.

The adorable sign she got me while out and about yesterday in Nashville :) 

 As luck would have it, the tourney fell on the one week where our entire market is in town and we are in meetings all day and events at night. In order to spend more time with her, I agreed to head to the track with her Wednesday morning and join in on her track workout--- 400 meter repeats.

Truth be told she ran 7 400 repeats. I ran 5 because I had to rest up. One of my co-workers and I were talking smack all week to one another and we randomly  decided to "face off" on the track and do a 100m race-- I know, I know resting for only 100m, but hey, I needed to go all out and we had already ran a mile to the track. Some of my other co-workers came by to watch "THE RACE" as well. Original plan was we had to shotgun a beer to add some intrigue to the 7:00am show down, but Dan drank them both the night before so it didn't happen...

Per top photo, I did win and he hung his head in shame. He did let off the gas at the last minute so I definitely think he had more in the tank. Next year when everyone is back in town more people are going to race and we're upping the ante to 400m... sometimes a little friendly smack talk and competition is fun and remind you of the 'glory days'!

Bourbon Chase potentially gets a re-do. 
This past fall I ran the Bourbon Chase last minute and it ended up being one of the worst relay experiences of my life due to a bad assignment time from race director and being behind pretty much the entire race. Since the course was GORGEOUS, I told myself I'd like to do it again if the opportunity presented itself (it sells out every year within a day or so of registration) so I wouldn't have a negative view of the race. Randomly today I get a facebook message from a mutual friend Brittany asking if I wanted to join her team of all Nashvillian runners that I haven't yet met. Seriously within 23 minutes of receiving this message, Elizabeth texted me stating her gf was looking for a spot to fill on their team and was wondering if I was interested. What are the odds?

I tell Brittany I'm in if I can be in van 1 (was in van 2 last year), and I'm sitting here talking to Kim while typing this and telling her all about Bourbon Chase last year and then I realize that I actually have a half marathon I signed up for on the same exact day. Crap!

I haven't blogged about this, but about 1 month ago I was able to register for a local 1/2 that, just like Bourbon Chase, also sells out within the first day due to it being the only one in the area that is flat. Since this will be my first half 'back', my plan was to go balls to the wall and just see what I could do and then go from there in regards to breaking 1:40. Initially my goal was to just try to break it on the first try, but my mileage is just not there right now so I don't think its possible.

I'm caught on what I should do: Forgo the half and give Bourbon Chase the redemption I've been waiting for, OR stick with original plan and focus on the half marathon?
What would YOU do? 


  1. I would focus on the half...the Chase will be awesome! So glad you got to see Kim!!!

  2. You already paid the Half and that has been your focus??? Bouban Chase will always be there. Would be interesting to see how your half goes after your time off??????

  3. ooh, i guess you listen to your mama :):)