Friday, August 1, 2014

Five for Friday

Over the last week.... 
1. Is it sad that I'm actually excited by how many miles I ran in July? Clearly you can see how I've had less than stellar miles over the last year, but I'm finally starting to feel slightly more comfortable getting into a groove. I'm no where near the stamina or speed I was in the fall, but I'll get there. 

2. Are you familiar with the TimeHop app? If not you SHOULD be.
It basically sends you an update everyday on what you were doing on this day (if you made a post on facebook). The furthest its gone back is 7 years... still waiting to see a college post come in there from 2005-2006 when I first got facebook. Anyway, I was reminded that 1 year ago this week I was in ALASKA with mama J crossing off state # 42

and checking out nature, wildlife, and of course, GLACIERS!!!  Alaska is such a cool state and I was double reminded this week when Elizabeth finally posted her experience from last last month when she ran in Achorage! If you ever have the opportunity to go- 1 week is definitely not enough! 

3. Last week I was able to tap into my inner early 90s self and head out to a (free to me) concert with Coolio and Vanilla ice---- Yes you heard that right.  I wish I could have taken photos of all the characters that came out, but instead you get the 2 songs I was most excited about. 

Vanilla Ice- Ice Ice Baby

Coolio- Gangsta's Paradise

And after Coolio was done he walked into the crowd... he's definitely aged
Photo: Close encounters with Coolio #oldschool #gangstaparadise

4. Now that I've been running more (compared to previous months), I've noticed a dull ache in my left knee that just won't go away. It hurts to squat, go downstairs, jump, and of course run.  I'm not sure how to distinguish if its actual knee pain, or if its a result of a tight IT band. Regardless, its extremely frustrating because we've had AMAZING non humid weather for a whole week and I've had to sit a lot of days out to 'rest' despite only running 4-5 miles the day prior. 
Does anyone know how you can tell which type of pain it is?

5. My roommate Kristin is finally moving in at some point next week. Although the solitude has been nice, its also been lonely. Last night we met up for the last week of the free concert series "Dancin in the District" which is along the riverfront downtown Nashville- so much free music in the summer! 

It's nice to have a gal pal that will be around to talk about my day with again. We even finally got our first photo together- front flashes on cameras are never that great! Here's hoping to the start of a beautiful friendship! 

How was your week? Anything exciting? What do you do for persistent knee pain?


  1. Sorry about your knee, hope it's nothing serious and you are already feeling better.

  2. omg. vanilla ice and coolio. I would've died!! I can only guess IT band? Lots of foam rolling? I just got back from Europe and I'm wiped. Need to blog all about it but lawd Alaska post took so long I don't know if i have it in me. I'm excited to have 4 WEEKENDS AT HOME!!!

  3. Could it be runners knee? Is it on the front or side?

    Coolio does look like he is middle aged. Sadness. That makes me feel old.