Wednesday, August 13, 2014

July Re-wind

July is my favorite month of the year. Perhaps it was because growing up its the only full month you're not in school?? Could it be I just love 'Merica that much and 4th of July is my favorite holiday? Nope its my birthday month and this year was THE BIRTHDAY--- aka leave my partying 20s and enter into my mature 30s.... or something like that.

Total Mileage:  Oh you know, just under 60. I haven't seen a triple digit in over a year so 60 these days is high for me.

Highest Mileage week: 16- and that was only because I met up with a running group and did 12 miles. Everything felt great until mile 10 hit and then the wheels came off--- apparently my watch paused so my real time was 1:46ish,  thus slower pace than listed below.

Races Planned / Completed: 0/1

A few weeks ago my market came into town for our yearly meeting. We always try to lead fitness classes and since Kim was going to be in town and needed a track workout one of the mornings, I put out the word I'd be at the track if anyone wanted to join. One of my co-workers who likes to talk crap said he wanted to come out and race me, so racing is what we did... for 100 meters. I won, but I'm pretty sure he let me win, so we are going to have a re-match that is a full 400 meters next time he's in town.

New to Me: (Because you should always be trying something new) 

Entering a new decade and being welcomed to the 30 Club is big enough new thing to last me awhile. Best "happy birthday" message I received was from a guy friend who said that there is something sophisticated yet sexy about the age 30... I'll be riding on that for rest of year :) 

From age 1
Photo: 29 years ago..Lisa Jameson celebrated her 1st birthday.  Today she celebrates her 30th!!!  The years have passed so quickly!!  With each passing year, my heart grows with more love and pride for this beautiful young daughter.........xoxo

To 30...

Other fun ventures in July:
  • Surprise visit back home to celebrate my parent's anniversary - apparently I didn't take any photos
  • Finally getting to see downtown fireworks (voted some of the top in the nation)

  • And of course seeing Coolio and Vanilla Ice in concert- such entertaining fans showed up, half the amusement was just watching them
Current Excitements/ Obsessions:
  • If I had been a little more prompt in writing this recap, I would have shared all about how excited I was to run Hood To Coast next weekend since I've never been and it is deemed "the mecca of overnight relays". Unfortunately due to injury I had to bow out yesterday- more to come on that later.  
  • Finally today has arrived where my new roomie, Kristin, moves in- excited for the start of what appears to be a beautiful friendship!

Current Songs

Someone asked me recently what I considered to be one of the greatest songs of all time--- hands down Stairway to Heaven and I've been listening to it on repeat around the house the last several weeks. Don't think I could tire of it. 

Current Treat
I've been constantly seeing Quest Nutrition bars on blogs and instagram and I FINALLY found them in the store (Whole Foods and Publix) 

At 20 grams of protein and the only additive being splenda, I don't feel bad about this treat. My favorite thus far is front and center- 'Coconut Cashew'... I love all things coconut. 

It's also the last of the peach season. The Peach Truck from GA is by far the BEST peaches you can buy in our area. I'm assuming they just supply to the south since they are so juicy? I'm talking juice all over your face type of good. I remember last summer they were handing them out after one of the local half marathons I did and I had 4 #notashamed. Took my parents to a festival this past weekend and bought 2 bags worth of peaches! Be on the look out for this sign for future seasons

Current Goal (s):  
  • Nail down what has triggered my debilitating knee pain - first physical therapy appointment is today
  • Consistently cross train while unable to run- so far I've been consistent with kettlebell class 2 days / week but I need to introduce yoga back in to help stretch out. 
July's takeaway: 
Honestly the month for me was more transitional in my mentality more than anything else. Since 30 is a new decade, but more importantly a societal bench mark for officially "being an adult" if you hadn't already considered yourself one, I spent a lot of time reflecting on my behavior, dress, goals, company I keep etc. It's crazy how time has flown and although I have no regrets on how I've lived my life to this point, I do have that nagging feeling of entering the next chapter in my life, starting a family, but for the time being I keep reminding myself I"m not getting any younger and to enjoy it while it lasts

Anything noteworthy about your July?
For those who hit an important birthday year, any advice on how to cope?


  1. Birthday months are awesome months….even if the birthday year isn't as awesome :) Oh no, that's too bad that you can't run HTC! A group of local runners posted on a local running store's FB page needing one more runner and I was soooooo tempted, but couldn't swing it. I hope your knee gets better and you figure out what is going on. And those are good pictures of the fireworks - I always think it is hard to get good pictures of them.

  2. Yay for a great birthday month and to the fabulous 30s. So bummed for you that you aren't able to do HTC, hope you get your knee pain figured out and get back to running, that isn't a fun welcome to the 30s.
    Peaches... yum. I am planning to stop and buy peaches from a truck in town today, hope it is still there. Although I bet the peaches they have to truck clear up here aren't quite as good.

  3. The 30's are not as bad as it seems. Soon you will realize it is true what they say: you are as old as you feel! Hope your knee pain is just a minor injury and you are back in full swings very soon.

  4. Hrm. I wonder if the 12 miler didn't do your IT band in? It can be tough if you are not running much and doing shorter runs and then toss in something longer? Hopefully you figure it out :(

  5. Stairway to Heaven????? OMG......absolute favorite song back in '71- when I was in are right...non stop listening :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  6. i hope you are okay?! And, i'm so surprised you like the quest bars. I thought they tasted like cardboard (or that's what I imagine them tasting like). I even tried heating them up and I had to chase them with water to get them down. This was over a year ago so maybe they changed them? Also, as far as 30 goes. Just LIVE it. Trust me. There are still highs and lows. Me of all people can tell you, you can't plan for the future or what you hope to find in the future. Just keep doing what you are doing and the things you are looking for will fall into place. You are so lucky to have traveled so much and now to be in a new place with a new roomie. I have a good feeling about it. Hope we can catch soon!!