Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Abs and "Cross Training"

Monday morning I decided to try Ab ripper X for the first time. Prior to trying this out,  I've read different facebook statuses and blog posts about how its pretty intense, but I thought that since it was only 15 minutes it couldn't be that bad
I know we're always taught- follow your own judgement and don't pay attention to what others say- this situation does not apply. I only made it 7 minutes in and had to stop. My abs were sore, but it was more of my quads and hips that were killing me. Now one day later I feel super tight in my core (which actually is a great feeling) and my hips feel like the aftermath after my first half marathon.

Does it ever get easier??
please say yes!!!

Can you do it more than once a week??
I would like to be bikini ready sooner rather than later, but don't want to hurt myself

So since I've been too sore to run + crappy weather here in TN, I've been doing a little bit of cross training.... little kid style. 
It's "Spring Fling" this week at my office. Every year in the spring we have one "themed" week to dress up, play games, have prizes, and most importantly, have fun! Last year everyday was a different decade, this year, everday is a different sport. 
Monday- Baseball!
Wii baseball- hey it is a workout, my forearms were super sore!

baseball toss- i was awful and took at least 30 shots and only made 1.... I need to hone my skills

Batter up- I actually used this to hit people with... thats still physical activity right?!?!
And what does every batter need?!?!?!

Tuesday (today) was bowling

who doesn't love giant blown up pins and balls?!?!

This is before my STRIKE... I promise I did get one! 
I decided against doing Wii bowling due to time constraints and my forearms are still sore- isn't that just pathetic?!?! Guess it goes to further drive home the point on how important it is to cross train to make sure you're working a variety of muscles...

Next up tomorrow...

Basketball (I do a mean box out) 

Does your work ever do different activities to break up the routine and get people up and moving??


  1. THIS is my type of cross-training! I decided to start working on more than just my legs, so my first stop? EA Sports arms work-out on the Wii! I had some pretty awesome boxing skills that day.

    Good luck with your abs. 15 minutes sounds short until you really think about it - then it just sounds painful!

  2. I would love to do stuff like that at work...then again I work with kids so I guess I do do stuff like that! It's called phys ed!

    I have been avoiding the Ab Ripper X but after your review I think it is what I need to get my abs on track!!