Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flying Pig Pre race and Expo

I remember when Cincinnati launched the Flying Pig Marathon back in 1999. My cross country coach at the time embarked on the course and both him and many other's feedback has been Hills, Hills, Hills but fun spectators. Even though I live in what seems to be the birthplace of hills (Nashville, TN) I still don't like them, so I was hoping to do the Air Force Marathon in September as my Ohio race- it's flat, its in my hometown Dayton Ohio, I can stay at my folks place for free, tons of people I know run it, and I would get a lot of race support from family. B reaaaaaaaaallllllllly wanted to do the Flying Pig, so I caved and decided I can always do the airforce later if I choose too.

**side note to others who do a lot of traveling for races**
Thanks to constantly having facebook statuses and photo albums that display my 50 1/2s in 50 states adventure, one of my past cross country teammates, Cara, reached out to me and offered her guest room for me and B to stay for the race. I'm all about catching up with old friends and of course saving money, but I was touched because we were never that close due to age difference and separate circle of friends, so for her to extend the invitation was out of the blue and super appreciated. After the weekend was nearing an end she did express to me that she knew we were never that close, but she figured this would be a costly adventure to do (which it is) and so if she were able to help out a fellow runner, she was happy to do so. I encourage others who are traveling across the states to run to get the word out what you're doing, you may just get some  places to stay for free, but also the opportunity to reconnect with people from the past. 

B and I left work on Thursday and stayed with one of my BFs Natalie in Louisville / Southern Indiana area for the evening. It was awesome to catch up with her and some of my other friends that still live in the Louisville area. I'll admit, I love how I have to travel through Louisville to get to many places, so there are often opportunities to hang out with some of the gang.

We woke early on Saturday and then continued onward to Cincinnati to Cara's house and then to the expo. I took a ton of photos with the themed pigs, and I pre-registered for Rock n Roll Chicago, saved $20, AND got a free t-shirt- all in all, a good time.
Entering expo
Flying pigs- they were everywhere
B, me, Cara, husband Matt right at entrance

After the expo, the 4 of us walked around the downtown area and then ventured off to Maggiano's for our dinner reservation. I didn't take any photos, but their chicken pesto linguine was amazing! I'm not a big fan of marinara, and alfredo is sometimes too heavy, so it was the perfect balace of lightness w/o having to sacrifice flavor. 

We then went from Maggianos to the "Newport on the levee" and met up with my parents. Since Dayton is about 45 minutes north of Cincinnati, they decided to spend the night in Cincy and cheer us on for race day. This will be the 2nd half they've come to support me, the first being the Women's 1/2, which still to this day is my hardest race thus far. 

We ended at Claddaugs Irish Pub for a pre race beer and some much deserved dessert :) 

me and my parents
After Claddaghs we parted ways, went back to Cara and Matt's, and laid out all our stuff for race morning in advance since we had to be out the door by 5am.


  1. That's all? I guess I'm ready for the race report...now.

  2. hehe I had to split it up because it was too long- its coming

  3. Love your dress with all the piggy pictures! Why was the Women's 1/2 so hard?