Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Help! I need more speed!!

Back in November I ran the Ragnar Relay Tennessee HERE and HERE with  some co-workers + my friend Scott and his running buddies. Although we had a blast, I was the slowest in my van by quite some time. Scott and his friends are super competitive and have done a few Ragnars, Hood to Coast, and an Ultra Ragnar (where  instead of having a team of 12, you have a team of 6 and each person runs double), so I was honored when I got a text yesterday asking if I want to join their Ragnar team for Las Vegas in October. Umm yes please!!

Now here's the catch.... with the exception of the TN Ragnar, every relay they run in, they place- in order to ensure we place at Vegas they want everyone to be sub 8 minute miles. I have no problem running below 8 minute miles for about 3 miles, but after that, I'm DEAD. I'm asking all of you for advice on what you have done thats worked in regards to increasing your speed for longer distances (up to 10 miles) I have 4 months to improve, which is plenty of time, but I have a habit of doing too much too quickly resulting in injury. 

Any input is appreciated, and if you know any female that can run multiple miles sub 8 that would want to join our team, we're looking for at least 1 more!!!
Our team from Ragnar TN- everyone wearing the blue vest + me in turquoise would be part of Vegas Team

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  1. HOW FUN!!
    I'm no speed demon, but I am going to train with Run Less, Run Faster for a fall half in hopes of PRing. Jess (Blonde Ponytail) and Kim have had great success with it. Maybe try it out!