Friday, September 14, 2012

5 things friday (all firsts)

Not a lot of running been going on in my world since my disaster of a double header in Iowa and Nebraska,- infact I haven't ran since.  So what has been going on in world of Lisa? A lot of "firsts" for me...
1. I went to my first pro bull-riding event compliments of free tickets from Becca
After being in the company suite for a few minutes the security guy came up and said he could get us passes to the PBR party barn (not that we really like PBR, but it would be neat to get to see the action UP CLOSE)

I surprisingly had WAY more fun than anticipated, and glad that Becca invited me- thanks B!
2. I saw my first ever PIG race at the Tennessee State Fair as well as my first minature horse!

It was hilarious and adorable... and short. They should do multiple races- but I guess that might be considered animal cruelty.
I couldn't help but think of DONKEY from Shrek--- so cute.
3. I was able to convince my friend Herb to have a "Call me Maybe- Harvard" dance party during trivia night (unfortunately pics just don't do the hilariousness any justice)

Don't know the dance? First off- where have you been? second off- you need to watch it- i promise you'll want to do the dance next time you hear it..
4. I found my FIRST Haribo flavor I just didn't like...
 The Vampire intrigured me when my friend, Tricia, gave them to me (straight off the boat from Germany)- turns out the body of the vampire is black licorice flavor, gag me. I tried to give the bag away at work and no one would take it, so I ended up just putting a post it note saying "FREE" in the kitchen area.  I think my mom felt bad at my disappointment, so when I got back into Ohio late last night I had these bad boys waiting on my bed
 That would be 2 3lb bags of Haribo original flavor... yup 6lbs total!! (and an owl for my desk bc I love owls)
5. Tomorrow is the Air Force 1/2 and Full marathon. I'm playing host for the first time to Kim an dher husband S then on Sat night we're haivng a cookout and I get to meet Jess from Run with Jess (sorry I'm having difficulty linking up)
What are your firsts?


  1. Today was the first time I took out a fire sprinkler at work.. this week is the first time I have ever had to freak out because of an attack on a US embassy because my little sister lives a block away from one and her and her husband work at it.

    PBR events are pretty fun. but be glad you aren't chasing the bull riders they are all short with big egos. Don't ask me how I know that

  2. Sorry you couldn't run your marathon, but you will soon. It was a smart decision and hope you feel better in no time!

  3. Sorry about your knee:( so frustrating. I hope rest will help u heal. Sounds like you had some fun firsts:)