Monday, September 10, 2012

August Rewind

This is probably the longest I've waited to write a monthly recap- I've been so bummed about my knee I just haven't felt like writing about running aside from my race reviews.

Onto the Breakdown 
Total Mileage:  63 miles, literally half of what I ran in July. Due to dealing with my knee, I really cut back on mileage hoping that rest will help with recovery.
September Mileage: considering I'm still trying to rest my knee, no predictions for mileage. This will be a re-cooperation month so that October I can go full swing.  

Highest Mileage week: 25. What's sad is it was a 21 miler and a 4 miler. I was expecting to easily get a 40 miler week
September: again no real big goals here. I'm assuming my biggest mileage week will be last weekend in September with the Bourbon Chase relay.  

Races Planned / Completed: 1/2: Completed State #31, Utah, Legacy Midnight Half my first half marathon run at night.

I wanted to run Nashville's Tap n Run 4k, but poor planning on my part I had my 20 miler that morning and the race was 5pm same day--- obviously it didn't happen.

September: I cancelled my marathon that was this upcoming weekend, so the only other race that I will be doing is the Bourbon Chase relay at end of the month- excited to have my brother join me in his FIRST relay ever :) 

Accomplishments for July:
  • Ran my first 20 and 21 miler- longest runs to date. 
  • Started my new job- although extremely busy, I absolutely LOVE my new role at my company :) 
  • Slowly learning to listen and obey my body (this is huge for me) 

Current Book: My brother's girlfriend, Tracie, actually wrote a miniseries awhile back called "The webster grove" series collectively as a whole, but each 'part' had its own unique title. For awhile they were only offered as e-books, but in the last several months she had some made into book form and gave me a copy of all the series bound together for one book--- OMG I couldn't put it down. The premise is about a new girl in school who eventually starts to date one of the teacher's- lots of twists and turns in the story development. Although I knew Tracie was incredibly smart, I was blown away at how well she could write and develop characters and scenes- such a GREAT story.

Shortly after finishing the book I went home and she had a copy of her most recent book, Sweet Nothings which I read in a few hours. I'm a sucker for romantic stories- hers are fun and light-hearted, just makes you feel good after you're done.

Since she doesn't have any more books out, i'm in the market to find a new read. All suggestions welcome :) 

Current Excitements/ Obsessions:
- Having Kim and S stay with me this weekend in Dayton for the Air Force Marathon- haven't decided yet if I'm going to run the half with my brother, or not run at all and be a race cheerleader. 
- Planning a trip to San Diego
- Finalizing double header in October with Kim and Alma

Current Goal
- Since I have to take it easy with running, I decided to not just sit around and mope and focus on what I CAN do. I'm hoping to add some yoga into my life since its supposed to be so great for runners. Work offers several classes throughout the week, so I have no excuse to not try it. I need to get back into kettle bells as well. 

Current Dislikes: Not being able to run pain free :( No idea how long this will last, so depending on how long it lasts, there may be another trip to the doctor. 

August had its ups and downs. I finished my first 20 and 21 miler relatively pain free, however my double header in Iowa & Nebraska proved that I can't do a full marathon on this knee. This is my first time backing out on a race, hopefully my last for awhile. September should prove to be an interesting month- so heres to hoping everything doesn't get worse. 


  1. I'm so sorry about your knee...such a bummer and I know you were so ready for your marathon!! It just plain sucks!! Yoga is supposed to be very good for runners...I'm not so bendy so I would probably have to do it alone in my dark living room first so I wouldn't embarrass myself in front of super bendy people...or my family!

  2. I need recommendations. I read 50-shades, you said "GO READ BARRED TO YOU" and I LOVED it (a million times!). Please, please, please! MORE BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS!!!!! :)

  3. I actually missed my August recap this time... oops. I guess I could still write it, but I'll just pretend I forgot. :) Bummer about the knee, but you've got the right attitude- more yoga sounds great. And I'm so glad you love your new job!

  4. ah, I hope your knee feels better soon!!

  5. Thanks for the book recommendations, reading Bared to me right now. I love romantic books! Hope your knee is better very soon! Hang in there.

  6. I feel your pain sister. It's funny how we have so may races that go so right and then it seems we have a season of discontent (as Shakespeare would call it). HA! Excuse my geekiness. But yeah, I'm back to slowing down and trying to nurse my injuries to get me from one event to another. Hope things heal up soon!

  7. is there a way to get your bro’s girlfriends books? on kindle I guess? i’m so sorry (again) about the marathon. and so bummed i’m missing bourbon chase (even though i would’ve had to back out with my injury). a little jealous of yalls trip in october-i wish i could come too!

  8. I am so sorry about the knee...hope it gets better soon sweetie...blessings