Friday, September 28, 2012

My first DNS...

Although I haven't blogged about it much, this week was the week of the Bourbon Chase Relay that I was running with part of last year's TN Ragnar team as well as a few others and my brother (his first relay). 
Originally I was SUPER excited for this relay, but as work picked up my enthusiasm for it, along with other races dwindled. It didn't help that I was captain and on top of that because out of everyone on the team I had the most relays under my belt, it kind of fell on me to initiate everything (ideas, dress apparel, decorations etc). 

Finally this week everything was piecing together and everyone's head was finally getting in the game (I should note that a large % of my team are not "runners", but more people who like to run occasionally and have fun in the process- nothing wrong with that, just harder to motivate) 

On Wed I get the news that one of our van-mates, along with their spouse, is unable to make the relay (we leave on Thursday) due to family emergency. I won't go into details as its not my story to tell, but let's just say, this individual had every reason to NOT participate given what she was dealing with and it just kind of sucked because I couldn't be mad at her, but it did put us into a bind. Now we're down 2 runners with t-minus 16 hours till we leave--- enter FREAK OUT / break down in tears mode. I wasn't crying because I had to find 2 runners, its was more that it was the icing on the cake to the amount of stress I had been dealing with over the last 2 weeks. 

Despite still dealing with my knee and either not running at all or maybe 1x week, I suck it up and say that I will pick up another leg and run it ultra style- we'll have 1 person from 2nd van join ours, and among the 5 leftover in van 2, they would just have to figure out how to cover 1 additional run per rotation. This is where the information about not being seasoned runners becomes pertinent--- no one really wanted to do it, and then finally we thought it might work, but then would we make our cut off time? This went back and forth for several hours and finally around 5:30 pm I just pulled the plug--- most we're excited about this, a few upset. In the end it boiled down to if given 2-3 hours and people STILL can't figure out how to make it work and are complaining about it, how will it be at 2am when you have to run that extra leg?

I've never DNS a race before. Sure I signed up for RnR Seattle and didn't run it, but I never made travel plans (air, hotel, etc) We had everything ALL set up and were ready to leave.  I know the 2 individuals who had to take care of family matters felt bad, but in the end these things happen. 

In the meantime I went on a registering frenzy yesterday to make myself feel better about not running and here is what is on the schedule for the next few months:

Oct 13- Run for the Buds 1/2 - (DE- State # 34)

Oct 14- Seaside 1/2 (NJ- State #35) 

Ran this 2 years ago with my brother, now we're going back at it again for faster times and it will be my first race with Mark. 
event logo

Dec 2- Las Cruces 1/2 (NM- State #36) (this will also be Becca's first 1/2 race since AZ after dealing with her hip!!)

If I wasn't started to feel better already with having registered for all above races, then  earlier this morning put me over the top in a good mood.  I was writing an email in google when I get a random Gchat message from Scott saying "I want to run another relay"- boom sulk officially over. Details are being worked out, but we've got our eyes on 

Feb 22-23- Ragnar Del Sol 

Ultra or regular? We don't know yet, but I'm sure it will be a great time! 

Have you ever DNS before? (after all plans were made to do race)

What do you do to feel better?


  1. oh i’m so bummed for you! no, so far i haven’t. i did the same thing you did with seattle though for the miami 1/2 last year. i’m hoping i can walk/run my races for now until my ankle is 100%. my first one is next weekend...

  2. I'm sorry. Glad you had all these other race opportunities to cheer you up.

  3. That is such a bummer! I have captained TWO ragnar's and it can be very frustrating. My last one, in Napa, came down to finding FOUR runners. I ended up with one friend of a friend and 3 people I found on the Facebook or Ragnar site. I was very lucky and we ended up with the most awesome team, but I have hung my hat on captaining. I would love to find 11 other people just as thrilled with relay's to do them with. In Napa we had 5 first timers. Luckily I've made enough Ragnar friends out there that I can jump on a team here and there to help with the back outs.

    Nothing cures the blues better then signing up for more races!!

  4. Well, now Larry won't have to go get your brother in Kentucky. I think you made a good choice, it's tough being in charge and having to make the big decisions.
    I'm glad you are finally registered for the most important two races in October 2012! We are going to have a great time. Alma got on my return flight and everything is coming together nicely.
    Big hugs!

  5. Bummer. Looks like you have a great lineup ahead of you though:) I registered for the Seattle half in November but can't run it because we decided to go to Hawaii. Oh yeah baby! Not sad at all:)

  6. what a bummer! especially so close to go time! I would say all those other races should help make you feel better though. I signed up for the Denver RnR and then was unable to go, BIG BUMMER!

  7. I'm sorry you're having s tough time lately. I've had one DNS that was due to a possible injury that running a race would possibly make worse. As I waited over a weekend (of course) for MRI results on whether or not I had a stress fracture I decided to not risk further injury. It was the smart thing to do but it still sucked making that decision. I did exactly what you did. After I found out I didn't have a fracture I went on a registering frenzy and felt better :)

  8. Ohhh.. bummer. Organizing relays can be so stressful... I've vowed to just hop on someone else's team if I ever do another Ragnar - that's the way to go! :)

  9. Too bad things didn't work out for your relay, but I'm glad you have some exciting races on the calendar!

  10. I DNS twice this year, luckily it was a local race and I only lost the entry fee. To make the decision to DNS as a whole group must have been tough, but it sounds like a smart decision. YOu have many fun races coming up - yeah!!