Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Tangent Thursday

I'm getting ready to head to Birmingham for work all day long then have to drive back tonight (3hrs) followed by work tomorrow then catching a plane to San Diego, (I'm changing my middle name from Ann, to traveler)  so I won't have time to write one my Five for Friday Favorites post, so instead we'll just call it Tangent Thursday!

Lately it's rare when I get to say this, but this has been a great week, minimal stress. Here are my favorite things so far (in no particular order) 

1. I actually was on the ball and finished my double header recaps in a timely fashion. Not that I want to brag or anything (I do) but I beat Kim this go round. She amazes me at her quick turnaround so this time I thought I would emulate her. Delaware HERE, Jersey Shore HERE. Since this was a multi-blogger weekend you can find other recaps of DE, Almas version, and Kims.  Jersey Shore versions: Ts, Kims.(Alma is still working on hers, so check back)  After reading Kim's I realized I forgot to post a very important photo. While we were printing our  boarding passes to return home, I noticed a real classy picture on the shelf behind us--- yup we're in Jersey Shore alright. 

2. After our DE race we decided to drive back through Philly on the way to Jersey just so we could run up the "rocky steps". I took a video of Kim and I singing (poorly) the theme while we ran up it. Alma was running behind us also video recording--- her video is way funnier than ours. Toward the end I thought we were done then realized we had more steps to go... in Kim's own words "dang" 

3. About a month ago I was asked to go to the Hershey Memphis manufacturing site (where ALL the Icebreakers products, licorice, good n plenty's and a few other products are made) and lead a few meetings for their employees going over their benefits and how to navigate their website and answer questions. RANDOMLY last Friday I met a guy at the NY airport who actually designed the icebreaker cube gum box  and the machine that put the gum in the box- weird. We chatted all about the plant and everything that goes on there as he had to go back and forth till that project was done for almost 2 years. Yesterday my boss shared with me that appparently my visit was extremely beneficial and they requested  specifically me to come back in the beginning of November!! Although the drive stinks, last time I came back with free loot, so I'm hoping for that again! 

4. The weather has calmed down here- although it still can get warm, the humidity has died down. Our bootcamp is now back on top of parking deck where we have a lovely view of the changing landscape. Picture doesn't do it justice, so I may have to take my own next time I'm out there. No better way to work out.

5. Saving the best for last: Tomorrow I FINALLY am making a trip out to San Diego to visit M. I don't discuss my love life in detail on my blog here but since it is running related, a brief rundown- we met at Ragnar NW Passage (sort of), reconnected through internet/blog/facebook/skype, he came to visit me 1.5 months ago, and now its my turn to go out there. I've never been to San Diego before so I'm pumped not only to see him, but to explore SoCal for the first time!! I'm sure I'll post some pics next week. 

What are your tangents/ favorite things this week!!


  1. Three posts in one week? Wow, you are on fire! I was just thinking of that Pauly D picture...glad you took a photo.

    I can't see your last picture:( I'm sure it's the fault of my Mac.

    It is funny that Hershey has you and your "health coach" thing. I guess a chocolate factory needs it, haha. Congrats on being so popular with your customers.

  2. Ahhhh, can't wait to hear about your trip to Cali!! Have SO MUCH FUN!!! :)

  3. Yay! Have a great time in San Diego and hopefully you will have some nice weather:)

  4. Have a blast in SD! and...I can take those Almond Joys off your hands if you want. My fav.

  5. exciting stuff!! hope SD is a blast. feel free to send all extra chocolate to Atlanta ASAP. and ditto on the nice weather-i am loving it!

  6. LOVE the video, so much fun!!! ENJOY San Diego, it's a wonderful city!!

  7. You're going to love San Diego! If I could I would move back tomorrow. Have a great trip! My favorite this week is starting a Tina Reale's Best Body Boot Camp. I would have preferred in real life but right now online works! Excited to try something new.

  8. Hope you had a great time...on a totally separate note...I have decided to write a series of blog posts about being thankful..for the month of November...I am trying to start a "Count your many blessings" (it seems we have much to be thankful for)movement within the blogging community...I will post on Sunday the 4th for Nov. 1-4 then next week 5-11 and so on...are ya with me? Pass it along either way, blessings and hugs! Link back to me if you could..thanks!