Monday, January 28, 2013

Miles and Game nights!

In alignment with keeping on my diet for the most part till February - the weekend was filled with more game nights and healthy eating for the 3rd weekend in a row. Friday night I went to the gym unexpectedly and ran 4 miles + stretched for one hour... yup ONE WHOLE HOUR. It helps that I had someone to talk to the entire time, but man did I feel limber after that. 

Unfortunately I was running way behind in the "get ready and make a healthy snack" department- so I decided to just whip together my almond butter fudge again. This time I opted for crunchy almond butter and added in almond slivers.... still addicting like crack, only this time it has a bit more crunch to it. I love chunky almond butter and will do this from now on! (don't forget the parchment paper to lay in the dish- I had a brain fart this time and it made it hard to scrape out) 

For the 2nd week in a row we decided to play Settler's of Catan-- if you like strategy, this game is amazing. Everytime you play it, the game constantly changes (the pieces and such, not the rules).
 It can be a quick game, or take hours on end- just depends on the how long it takes the first player to earn 10 victory points. Proud to say, I won again.... BOO freakin YAH!

Saturday I decided to attempt a long(ish) run for my out of shape self. Original plan was to go about 7 miles, and hopefully be under 10 min pace--- thought both were achievable and not doing too much too soon. First I didn't look at my watch too much which led to me completely underestimating the distance of my out and back and picked up an extra mile.  2nd- the run was ABSOLUTELY miserable. I made it 1 mile before I had to walk, then pretty much was only able to go about .5 mile of running before walking again... the entire time. My lungs were not ready for this, and despite my awesome stretching the night before, my hamstrings were uber tight. 

Although my running time was about 1hr 15min, I bet I was out there for 2 hours. I was so famished at the end that I raided my purse and luckily had an emergency peanut butter chocolate lara bar; I devoured it in 5 sec and felt like a new woman  and decided I could prolong my recovery shake till I got home and headed into the gym for some quality hot tub and sauna time- Glorious!

Rest of day was running errands and killing time. Unexpectedly came home to an apartment full of ladies with food galore and game playing--- I forgot the roommate said she was having friends over for game night, so round 2 of relaxing night in with good food and games. (and saving money!!!)
After a few rounds of "celebrity" I broke out my Cards Against Humanity M got me for Christmas- and good times ensued. 

 Have you ever played this?? It is HILARIOUS and NOT for someone who is easily offended.  Quick explanation is that its basically like Apples to Apples---only wrong... sooo sooo wrong. The reader chooses a black card as the topic and all the players have 10 white cards to choose which one they think is the most hilarious / fitting. Whoever is the reader on that turn, chooses which they like the best. Here is a little example I found on the internet to give you an idea- the words in BOLD would be what a player threw down to complete the saying

I've seen better combos (my favorite was "For lent, I am giving up ____" I threw down "picking up chicks at the abortion clinic"--- classy. If you like laughing and inappropriate word play- you'll love this game. 

Sunday I rounded out the weekend with an easy 4 miles--- I actually felt decent on this one and made it 2.5 miles before I had to walk. This is HUGE for me because I've ran everyday since wednesday and have had to continually walk after 1 mile... finally (maybe) getting some endurance back?

I think its hilarious that since wed I have ran 24 miles and it hasn't been a full week yet. I am lucky normally to get in 20 miles during the week. Aside from losing weight, its looking that this ultimate reset really allowed me to be more disciplined with workouts.. yay! I'm going to count Wed- Wed as my 'week', this will enable me to have my first 30 miler week in 6 months (I had a 32 miler week in July)!

How was your weekend?
Mine was low key, running, game nights, and good food. 

Do you ever do game nights?
This is something new for 2013- every weekend we have done one, the past 2 weekends were both Fri and Sat. 


  1. I love games! Don't play them often enough though since I usually play with my kids and someone always gets frustrated (plus I get a bit competitive, oops)

  2. Settler's is definitely a blast. Last night we had a game of Spoons get pretty rough. Great job on the miles.

  3. I think I want this game! It sounds great! I've played Settler's before too and was disappointed I couldn't give my teammates small pox or something. I kept trying and so far, I haven't been invited back! I need to make this fudge, it looks delish!

  4. I love to play games but since I have kids it usually ends up being the easy ones. I would freaking love that game though since I'm not easily all. The game I do want is banana grams. Have you played that?? I think since I like playing words with friends that I would like banana grams too.

    The almond butter fudge looks excellent by the way!

  5. totally love games-but rarely have a game night!