Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ryan Hall and kickball!

First off a Huge thank you to all the amazing comments, texts, facebooks, and best of all Kim's angry "what is wrong with guys" voicemail, in regards to yesterday's post. Although the "men" topic of change was short, lots picked up on the significance and it means  the world to me that I do have a virtual support group of ladies I can turn to when life isn't always peachy.

Monday we had our weekly night run with fleet feet and what I was told was going to be  a "slow easy run" turned into us speeding up and mile 3 clocking in at 7:20--- good news is I was somewhat able to talk while doing it, bad news is I couldn't hang and got left in the dust. Afterward a bunch of us sat around for 1.5 hours talking and eating. One of the gals, Ashley (who is in the process of trying to qualify for elite status at Chicago- which is 1:21:59 or lower) is on team Oiselle and although she doesn't blog, we were laughing at all the Oiselle ladies we stalk via blog land Difference between her and I is I know the details via their blog, and she's actually met them all... details. Apparently she is the only person on the team representing TN so she's trying to convince me to apply-- I'm not on the same level of any of the other ladies in terms of speed, is that okay? After about 20 minutes of chatter around that, I told her I would think about it.

Later it came out from my super awesome roommate Leah (how this came up in conversation I cannot remember)  went to Ryan Hall and Sara Hall's wedding... ya no big deal. Apparently her and Sara ran track together in college and were good buddies and still talk to this day.

Naturally I was all like "oh my God how are you THIS awesome, you have so many cool points in my book" blah blah blah (sadly that really did come from my mouth)

She mentioned that one of his sponsors is Nissan and their HQ is 400m or so from where I work. She said next time he comes to town she will invite him to our Monday night runs--- wait WHAT?!?! Then I jokingly said how cool that would be, but nearly not as cool as having her and her roommate take him out to dinner to which her response was "I'm totally going to ask him!"

Ladies and gentleman, I have hit the roommate jackpot and girl crush commences... 

If / When this happens, I'll try to keep my cool, but no promises.

In other less exciting to you, but still exciting to me news...

My Tuesday night kickball team FINALLY won a game. This is a huge deal as we are last in the league. We are a 'free agent' team which means we all signed up not knowing anyone and the Nashville Sport's League put the team together. It's not that we're bad, its just everyone else has been playing and practicing together for years and we're just trying to figure out one another's strengths and weaknesses. We only had 9 show up and you need 10 to play, but we convinced the ref we were okay and low and behold, it worked---- booyah

one of our girls left before we could take the photo

I'm also on a work league kickball team that has yet to play a single game due to rain out everytime its our turn. Our first rescheduled game is tomorrow and naturally its storming all day today, so looks like it might be another week--- oh mother nature how you like to play games. 

Anything exciting going on in our week?


  1. How freaking cool would that be if you got to meet Ryan Hall?? I myself, have a crush on Meb. I would pay money for one of his little hats he wears on cold races. He's my running crush.

    That's cool that you're on a kickball team. Around here it's mostly work basketball teams and bowling. Kickball sounds more fun!

  2. Holy freakin jackpot!!! I would certainly have trouble keeping my cool! That's awesome!

  3. Wow - I would so not be able to keep my cool if I had dinner with a running star! I also totally think you should apply to be a Oiselle woman! You totally inspire me and I am pretty sure this is what it's all about. Kickball and dodgeball were the only "sports" I could manage in elementary school, it's awesome you are on teams!

  4. Okay this room-mate just keeps getting better and better;) I want to be on a kickball team! That would be so much fun! I used to play soccer and I have a big kick, I would totally rock it;)

  5. Nancy beat me to it! Holy freakin' jackpot! I don't know what I would be more excited about. The Oiselle team or meeting Ryan! I have to admit the idea of a kickball league makes me laugh :)

  6. so cool! and fyi, not everyone on their "team" is super speedy-they have a mix of speeds...can tell you more later. :)

  7. sounds like you definitely found the perfect roommate!