Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March in Review

Finding my groove again in March with running...

Total Mileage: 90 miles. With the weather being crappy- I more than last month, however it was on treadmill so my runs during the week went from 5-6 miles in distance, to 3-4 since I can't be on treadmill long
April Mileage: I think I'm ready to shoot for 100 miles again. In order for this to happen, I at least need to have no less than 25 mile weeks... simple math Lisa, simple math

Highest Mileage week: 29. I'd like for this to be the norm and not the high going forward
AprilI'd like to build my way up to wear 40 miles in a week seems doable and not downright laughable as it stands right now. Go big or go home so I'm shooting for at least one 40 miler week.

Races Planned / Completed: 2/2 Traveled to Vegas to conquer state #37 with M, Caveman March- much harder than anticipated, but the views and finishing first in AG made it worth it.

Headed to Atlanta over St. Patty's weekend to have a blogger gals race weekend with Elizabeth, Jess, and Kim--- long story short, it was a blast.
April: 3 halfs planned.  This weekend will be double header in Maine- Race the Runways (#38) and New Hampshire- Great Bay 1/2 (#39). Although I STILL haven't signed up, I will most likely be doing the Country Music 1/2 marathon. Not a huge fan of this race, however, work reimburses us for when we finish so naturally a lot of people I know will be running and I hate feeling left out.

Accomplishments for March;
  • Finally seeing my paces decrease again
  • Got every race planned out (minus Virginia) for finishing up my quest
  • Was able to see my whole immediate family for Easter and managed to hold my 9 week old niece, Gweny her crying!

  • Big winner of Easter Egg celebration- found the most eggs in the hunt, got the most money in the eggs I did find, AND won the prettiest and ugliest cookie contest- BOOM!

Current Book:  GBA- Group Health Plan Design... basically has been my life last few weeks- considering I didnt pass the test... guess it will be even MORE of my life until I schedule my re-take this quarter (by June 30)

Current Excitements/ Obsessions:
  • Apartment hunting.... dday is approaching and I still need to figure out what I'm going to do. 
  • Warm weather approaching
  • New England double header this weekend
Current Treat: I've been making protein chocolate chip muffins like its been going out of style. I decided to 'mix things up' and do it with blue berries... bursting with flavor. I could have 'worse treats'

Current Goal:  Short term- have both races be in the 1:40s this weekend and then I'm going to go for a PR for my Maryland race-- May 18th--- eek I said it, therefore I have to do it. Unsure if this PR will be breaking 1:40, so for now anything faster than 1:42:54 counts :)

March Major takeaway: After talking with many runners (male and female) who are much faster than myself, I've learned that they all do speedwork- shocking I know. I will be starting to add one day a week into my routine to help bring my paces down, but also to learn how to better push myself. 

How was your March?
Everything is starting to click with running. I'm still not where I want to be, but I have a better idea of what it takes to get there. March has also been a trying month on my patience, emotions, and balancing life. 
Any Major takeaways?
You CAN get faster without actual planned speedwork, but you can't get to where you want to be (if being faster is your goal) unless you really do push yourself and start doing a better job of planning your workouts. . 


  1. sounds like a good month. Interested to hear your thoughts on Great Bay.

  2. I'm interested to hear about Race the Runways. I think it's one that I could get S to do one of these years.

    100 mile month = 25 mile weeks
    Speedwork = faster finish times

    All of this complicated runner math that is so hard to remember, yet so obvious! I hope to add speedwork in for real, prepping for the August race.

    Your niece is adorable!

  3. Sounds like a pretty good month. Nice job with the egg hunt and the cookie contest.

    I try to do speedwork at least once a week in the form of intervals and have at least one run that is a negative split.

    i do recomend speedwork. :)

  4. Too funny you won the prettiest and ugliest cookie contest! Yum those muffins sound really good! You can tell its lunch time-I have food on the brain! lol

  5. Great month!!! I second Christy's advice about speedwork. I added it into my running last two years every Wednesday and it really made a huge difference. I also would recommend running with a group once a week or so. This pushed me big time! I'm excited you are doing a double in New England! It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend!!! Good luck!!!

  6. I just reincorporated speed work into my training (today actually) I follow only one of the workouts from RLRF - it gives me speed goals and helps keep me accountable. If I were to make up my own it's harder for me to see the progress.

  7. March was an unkind month to me. The first week was great as I was in Vegas but after that it went downhill. I'm lousy at doing official speed work but do know it's going to be essential if I ever want to see a sub-2 for a 1/2. Can't wait to hear about your double header! You are going to do great!