Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Randomness

This has been a whirlwhind of a week and its only Thursday, in no particular order

1. There isn't really much that I can add to the Boston tragedy that others before me haven't already said so part of me wants to leave it alone. I've never been close to qualifying for Boston as I have yet to run a full marathon, but let's face it, Boston is like the mecca for running. It brings out that  giddy teenage girl who exactly 1 week before Boston Marathon was enjoying the area at  Fenway Park on opening day

and took a pedicab all the way to finish line just so I could stand on it (thanks B for paying the $10 to do so!) 

Then B and I had to walk ALL the way BACK to our car... now its totally worth it and I'm so glad we had that opportunity. When I decide to give the marathon another go, that will be my ultimate goal. Rather than go on and on about the pain and the WTF are people thinking, I'll share something extremely positive about a runner who finished the race on Monday giving his medal to another runner who was stopped 1/2 mile short, truly inspirational : Good Samaritan.

On tuesday I had a ton of meetings so I couldn't wear a race shirt, but I tried to incorporate blue and yellow dress (along with a bunch of other colors) Every Wed is workout wed at work, so we were encouraged to wear a race shirt- it just so happens my recent race shirt from Maine is Boston colors, naturally I sported that as well

In the midst of all this negativity and the constant whys, I've been impressed with the coming together and strengthening of our running community- for those that are not a part of our community, its neat to see something ignite within themselves to want to join and to go on a remembrance run. There is still so much good left in the world, why not focus on that?

On a MUCH lighter note

2. Spray tan:
I found out that one of the chain tanning salons in the area were hosting 1 free spray tan between Sun and Wed. The good news is you don't have to be a member to go, no strings attached, so I decided why not. Oh My GAWD... I got a "medium clear" because that is what my roommate got and she looks fab... I'm pretty sure what they gave me was a medium tinted. The above photos dont do it justice, nor do the other photos I tried to take, but I look Mexican. I felt so stupid when I went into work on Tuesday and everyone asked me if I was at the beach because I was that dark... no not Ross dark (thank goodness) but definitely too dark for it to be April.
Although everyone said I look fine, I'm super self conscious because a few of my sun spots are even more noticeable. I guess that was the motivation I needed to do my skin check as I scheduled one for next week! I can now add porous skin to the list right next to porous hair, check! 

3. Dentist:
Monday I had my first dentist appointment in 5.5 years--- crazy I know, so its kind of a big deal that I went. I remember the last dentist appointment I had was when I was just about to turn 23 and my parent's insurance for me would run out. I'm really not sure why I waited so long, but I'm proud to announce that in 5.5 years my teeth are in perfect shape, no cavities or sensitivities, just sore gums since they aren't used to being manhandled that way. 

4. I'm not 100% positive, but I thnk the last time I went to church was the week after 4th of July in 2008 when I had JUST moved to Lousiville. It's hard to find a church I like as well as not feel judged. I've been talking with P a lot about faith and such and via a few recommendations I went to church by myself on sunday and actually enjoyed it. The same church has a HUGE young adult program on tuesday nights and me, P and Krista went... part of me is finally starting to feel whole again.

5. I've been working for my company for almost 3.5 years... I just enrolled in our 401k this week. Yes i know how I shouldn't have waited this long. While I'm currently an income supporting one I will be contributing a bit more to help catch up a bit, and then I'll reduce as needed.

6. I signed my lease on new apartment with a new roommate (which I'll divuldge into tomorrow). I moved to Nashville Jan 28, 2010. Next month will be my 6th move since I've been here---gah! Out of all the moves, this is the one I am most excited about and just feels like a good fit in every aspect of my life!!

7.I worked out 4x yesterday- yoga at lunch, bootcamp at 4, kettlebells at 5, 3.5 mile run afterward. Needless to say my hips are K-I-L-L-I-N-G me today with all the lunges and stretches galore. Now that summer is pretty much here in Nashvegas, I need to get serious about swim suit body, so double and triple workouts at least once a week may be part of the normal routine for awhile. Operation 2 piece, commence!! 


  1. as a retirement professional, tsk tsk on just now signing up.. but keep it up! :)

    and I haven't been to the dentist in over 3 years. and I cancelled the appointment that stu scheduled for me last fall. #majordentistphobia

  2. So cool you got to stand at the finish line!
    Sorry about the spray tan...I've had a few good ones but a few bad ones as well...
    Glad you found a church you like! :0)
    I think I need to make a dentist appt, too...thanks for the reminder!

  3. so glad you found a church you like! i had a hard time with this when i was in my college town, but we got lucky and found a great church right when we moved to asheville! GREAT JOB on all the workouts!

  4. LADY - front load that 401k now! Dollars invested today will go so much further than if you wait. Think: EARLY RETIREMENT = MORE TRAVELING FOR RACES!
    I have a hunch about your new roomie but will wait impatiently to hear.

  5. yay on the skin check, the church stuff, the dentist and boo on the moving-again! and glad you got the 401K started-it's never too late i suppose :)