Friday, August 30, 2013

5 for Friday- all things Minnesooooooota

I've officially been in the North all week- first was racing in Fargooooo, then been chillin with one of my best friends and family up in the land of 10,000 lakes. Luckily for work, I'm able to do it from home if I want, so I've been able to take minimum time off while still being able to enjoy myself,  double bonus, "you betcha!"

1.  In Ohio we call the game corn hole, some other places call it "bags" "bean bags toss" etc. It's really big where I'm from.
My brother is extremely talented with making things (he was an architect), so in college he made me boards to have as a staple lawn ornament in my front yard, and even went on to make these gems for himself. (our last name is Jameson and this was at my sister in law's bachelorette party 4 years ago right before she became a Jameson herself)
Fast forward to the point I'm making... I'm okay at cornhole. I'm not terrible, but I'm also not consistent. Last saturday I was the 3rd wheel for a blind date with my bestie and her potential new boyfriend and I freakin' KILLED it. I beat them 3 times and was so proud I felt compelled to share my accomplishment since its so rare.

2. Yesterday I had mentioned that BOTH South Dakota and North Dakota have a thing for buffalo / bison... well my gf  Jenna that I was staying with happens to live in Buffalo, MN. As you guessed it, they have TONS of Buffalo statues.. I was in freakin' heaven.  4 of my favorites below, but there were many many more. 
I have to ask... is there anyone out there who loves statues like I do? I cannot be alone on this...

3. Monday Jenna and I visited the coveted Minnesota State Fair. It's a REALLY big deal here. For 2 years I coached University of MN employees and that is all they talked about once summer hit. One year there was even rumored deep fried butter. Although I didn't see any butter (believe me I searched), there were these special gems among all the other random items to eat. Aside from everything you could imagine fried, its also popular to eat things on a stick- fried walleye on a stick, they got it. (gross) 
I really wanted to 'be on vacation' and try something, but it was so freakin' hot, all appetites for fried food was non-existent. We ended up being so miserable, that we left the fair around 2:30, so we did get in about 5 hours worth of sights of animals, knick knacks, bazaars, people watching and sweating.

Photo: Checking out the piggies at Minnesota state fair
Looking at some pigs

4. A few days spent with Jenna then it was off to Minnetonka to visit with my family for a few days before race day. My uncle was nice enough to open his home to me so I could not only work from it for 3 days, but also  catch up with my 3 cousins, all of whom I haven't seen in at least 2 years. All 3 are stark white blonde, skinny as a rail, and no taller than 5'3- hence the sit down photos so I don't look like an awkward giant! 

5. Tomorrow is state #45 (Minnesota obviously) featuring the Women Rock half marathon with none other than Kim (of course) and Run with Jess.   They're promoting the event with a sterling silver necklace (although in the photo it looks gold), jackets, bubbly in champagne flutes you can keep at the finish, as well as hot men. Sounds like a solid line up to me!
This is the HOTTEST week Minnesota has had all summer, and the trend will continue into tomorrow. I received this email last night on what changes they have made to accommodate heat:
We have added wet towels at the finish for all runners, on-course sponges for half marathoners and we have increased our water supply.
I checked the course map, and 9 water stops- not too shabby. I'm still going to take it super easy and slow, and will most likely still melt, however it sounds like I'll be decently hydrated while doing it. 

Anyone else running this weekend? Ya'll, sorry i'm still in the north "you guys" are all probably too smart to race in August ya?


  1. this race looks really fun from all the pics i've been seeing on IG.... and i LOVE cornhole!

  2. Wow! You've been so busy. Hope the race went well!!

  3. I've had a deep fried snickers - it was odd, very rich but kind of tasty. I am still on the hunt for a deep fried Twinkie only because I feel I should. Looks like a lot of fun! Hope the race is going well!