Friday, August 2, 2013

July Recap

July is my favorite month of the year, naturally because its my birthday, 4th of July, and just 100% completely summer. This year's July did not disappoint (except in the running department)

Total Mileage:  Lowest mileage since January- 67. I attribute the combination of heat, obscene amounts of rain, work getting crazy, and vacations to my low mileage .... oh and laziness, that too ;)

Highest Mileage week: 20... ya I know, I know

Races Planned / Completed: 1/1

Recap still to come but I crossed #42 ALASKA off my list. Race itself was a let down with lack of scenery and my calf reared its ugly head AGAIN, but I had an AMAZING week hanging out with nature and my mom!

New to Me: (goal going forward is to have some type of new experience each month)
  • Tried a different workout class twice-- Barre Fusion, mix of pilates and barre class.
  • White water rafting / cabin for a weekend- amazing
  • After 3 years saw Nashville fireworks
  • Went to Alaska (lot of firsts there- hiked a mountain, got to see mushing dogs, saw a wild black bear etc... another post)

Accomplishments for July: 
  • Promotion at work
  • Survived another year- turned 29

Current Book: Just finished Defending Jacob- gist of story is Main character is a prosecutor and in the current murder he is investigating his son becomes the prime suspect and he is taken off case and is now trying to defend him. EXCELLENTLY written and a HUGE twist at the end. Good news is I see that Warner Brothers bought the  movie rights so  it will be on the big screen!

Current Excitements/ Obsessions:
  • 3 halfs this upcoming month all in consecutive weekends- SD, ND, MN (with a mini vacay built in MN in between ND and MN)
  • Although my training can't even be called training, I still plan on PR'ing the crap out of the downhill course in SD.
  • New role at work and my primary responsibility is to turn around their entire incentive structure / process.After 1.5 weeks I received an email from the account stating they're already seeing progress and their excited to meet me and the other account manager on our visit with them in a few weeks!
  • Getting to meet the race director for TN Ragnar when he comes into work on Tuesday for our information session since we're the title sponsor. 
Current Songs
  • What's sad is the only music I've been listening to is my skrillex station in Pandora- defintely gets me pumped. 
Current Treat
  • Anything and everything chocolate
Current Goal (s):  
  • Sub 1:40 in SD 
  • Try a Les Mills class
  • Putting together a TN Ragnar team  
  • Finding balance between work, running, and blogging (always a goal to keep) 
July Major takeaway:  I'l be honest, running was not a priority this month, having fun and enjoying life was. Call me crazy but getting closer to 30 kind of changed my outlook on a few things. This month I tried to 'experience' as much as I could and just enjoy life and those people who are a part of it. If I didn't feel like running, I simply didn't. I'm not training for anything specific, so there was no point in getting bent out of shape if I missed a run (or many) 

How was your July?
July was probably the most fun month of 2013. I made a lot of great memories with friends and trips- wish every month could be like this! 
Any Major takeaways?
Despite enjoying myself, running and blogging seriously suffered. I really do need to find a better balance of all 3 and quickly before work really picks up 


  1. My July was my lowest mileage of the year too! Just too much time doing other things....and dealing with a hurt hubby! I LOVE beautiful there!

  2. Sounds like a great month! My July was pretty good, it sure seemed to fly by though! I did about my usual for mileage...and my new current obsession, thank you so much July, is Halo Top ice cream...Sooo yummy, natural and 280 calories per pint!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed yourself in Alaska. I hope to get out there again sometime when it is warmer!

  4. I am with you: July was great fun but running suffered. Can't wait to hear more about Alaska. We are heading there next week!

  5. Bring on August!!! It's finally here.
    You are going to get sick of me...3 weekends in a row!

  6. I hear ya on the balance. And honestly, July pretty much rocked too. Even though I haven't been running, i've been doing a lot of what you talked about-life experiences...and planning for even more. Agree about the life shift-this break has taught me a lot. sooo good to see you this week!