Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Favorites

Although life has been very busy and running has equated to 1-2x / week, lots of fun things happening.

1. Ragnar! (TN)
Tennessee Ragnar is approaching and since our company is the corporate sponsor, I had the privilege of working alongside race direct, Jesse, on having him come out for an information session and to go over logistics. He gave out a bunch of free swag which I ALWAYS welcome with open arms.
Our team is S L O W L Y getting together, but I'm super pumped that after 2 years in van 2, I'll finally get to be in van 1 so it will be a whole new relay for me!

2. Ragnar (CA)
Originally I was hoping to join Elizabeth for the Nuun Adirondacks Ragnar team, however due to timing with deadlines at work it was a no go. As divine intervention would have it, yesterday my trusty relay buddy Scott asked if I wanted to join their Ragnar Trail Vail Lake team Nov 15/16 in CA--- naturally I immediately looked at my race schedule to make sure it didn't conflict with Oklahoma's Route 66 (state FREAKIN 49!) , whew week after, and said yes. I've never done the trail series (8 people vs. 12 and no vans) so I'm excited for something new!

3. Now that summer is winding down, our 6 week Thursday night free concert series, Live on the Green, has kicked off in Nashville.

There are always 2 openers and a headliner. Last week was the ever energetic and entertaining Matt and Kim (LOVED them) If you have the opportunity to see them, and you like to dance and have a good time, you will not be disappointed. Last night was Matt Nathanson... he was hilarious, but his music was okay. My highlight was having fried chicken and waffles for the first time
Photo: My first chicken and birthday cake waffle experience #worththewait\
and hanging out with two of my highly entertaining friends- I haven't laughed that much in a long time. (apparently I don't clap on cue and they were secretly taking videos of my non rhythm. 

4. My calf has been going back and forth in the pain and tightness department... hence the barely double digit weeks over the last month. Luckily, my roommate is a PT and she is willing to do what she can to make me run again. This is the 2nd time she has done dry needle therapy on me (first time was back and June), and this time the results were MUCH more positive. My foot started tingling and going numb, my whole lower leg was achy,  and I had difficulty walking... thats how its working doncha know? No really, the next day my leg felt SO MUCH better. I've only ran on it once since then, but I have confidence it will be fine this weekend... 

5. Tomorrow I leave to meet up with Kim for state # 43, South Dakota. This is the first week of 5 in a row where I knock out some states. Originally I had secretly planned to do the full for this race because it starts at 6,000 ft and ends at 3,000- thought this would be a BQ friendly course. Then training slacked off and I realized it wouldn't be pretty, so I decided to remain just running the half. Its still downhill starting at 5,000 and ending at 2,000, so now I'm torn if I want to shoot for sub 1:40 if my leg will cooperate. Kim's been taking names and kicking ass with her training plan... mine has been non existent as running has taken a backseat the last month or so.

 A few weeks ago, I was informed B wasn't able to  make Maple Leaf 1/2  which is in Manchester, Vermont with me. I was a little concerned because most of the other VT races conflicted with my schedule, and I AM finishing in January so I NEED to do VT this fall. Finally I just said screw it and I would do a quick in and out solo on this one. As I was getting ready to book my flight I thought maybe mom would want to come for another mini mom/daughter vacation? I'm pretty sure she hasn't been to VT and it will be gorgeous beginning of september. She agreed and so now it will be 2 days in VT vs. just the race. I think she may do the 5k option as well... I swear if her medal is bigger than mine AGAIN, I will be disappointed.
I think they are both the same glass with maple leaf imprint, but 5k and half marathon are different colors?

Anyone out there run a trail ragnar or trail relay race?
This will be my first trail anything race!

Any recommendations on what to see in or around Manchester, VT? (its southern part of state) 


  1. 5 in a row!?! Oh yeah, I guess VT would do that to ya. So glad MJ can go with you. The idea of solo races sounds awful to me.

    See you tomorrow! I am so excited!

  2. I didn't even know trail ragnars existed. They definitely sound cool and I'm going to look into it. And free swag - sweet! Can't wait to read all about the 5 in a row, you're going to do great!

  3. A trail Ragnar would be amazing! Ragnar or something similar is on my goal list for next year.

  4. I'll see ya at Maple Leaf! A few friends and I will be traveling from Albany for the race - to be perfectly honest despite it only being an hour away, all I know is that there are some outlets somewhere in that area. That and my dad use to drive around in late fall to look at the foliage.