Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tangent Thursday

Randomness that is going on this week... 

  • A couple months ago work introduced a new class that is offered 3x/wk - Les Mill Body Combat. 

Several of my friends have been raving about it, but I just hadn't found the time to fit it into my schedule. Finally on tuesday I gave it a whirl. 1 hr of jumping, punching, MASSIVE sweating, and feeling like the most uncoordinated person in the class. The moves weren't hard, but repetitive. The next day my upper back and sides were sore in places I've never worked. I tried to go for a run and had to turn around 1 mile in because it was painful to 'pump my arms' while running- whopping 2 miles in the books. I heard it takes 3 classes to get the hang of everything... I'm wondering how many classes until I no longer feel the pain?

  • It's that time again where bad food decisions, summer vacations, beers, and minimal exercise are all catching up to me. For me, sometimes my commitment is in my wallet book. This go round I decided to do the Advocare 24 day Challenge- in simplest form, 24 days of clean eating with a cleanse thrown in. I did this 2 years ago and had pretty significant loss, so time to start again. Once I get back from State 48 in VA, it will be go time on 10/7. 

  • This weekend I was dropping some items off at Plato's Closet to sell when I came across these gems... completely adorable. 

Not only were they marked $8.00 due to some scuffing, but they were 1/2 off since on clearance, plus I got another additional 20% off for selling to them same day of purchase - Issac Mizrahi shoes for under $4... major steal!

  • In the running group I'm in on facebook where you can sell gently used items, people are constantly writing about how they sent address or information over and to check your' others folder'. I had NO IDEA what that meant. Last night I sold something and the girl put her address in this holy grail they call the other folders. I finally found it (never claimed to be a detective) and there were 100s of messages in there dating back to 2009 that I never knew about.
Some were spam of course, but I had a few emails from bloggers, one from this guy I dated who disappeared off the face of the earth and every once in awhile he randomly messages me, and my all time favorite, a message from 2009 from when I first joined this ridiculously good looking guy reached out because he wasn't a paying member and somehow was able to locate me on facebook and sent me a message. It would probably be weird if I messaged him back 4 years later.... 

  • Last week I posted about a race using my photo to promote their event (photo was from 2 years ago at my work holiday shopping charity event, not a race). I did reach out to them- they have no idea how they got my photo but asked if they could continue using it. I asked if I could have a few free race entries to do a giveaway and they are sending the codes next week. Check out their website here to see if there is a location by you and then come back next week and I'll be posting giveaway! 


  1. Cool about the race entries! I think I am going to do that race here in Seattle:)

  2. I think the race handled your picture issue really well. I'm glad they worked out a deal with you.

  3. someone is giving an advocare chat before pure barre on sunday and i honestly had no idea what it was. so experience with them was positive?

  4. Super cute shoes! What a steal! Goodness, that class sounds tough...great workout!

  5. I'm a big Les Mills Pump fan and would love to try combat. Maybe I'll buy it next year. Happy the race-photo situation turned out positive.

  6. i did les mills classes for years at my old gym and LOVED them. glad they got the picture thing straight. i'm glad to know you are doing the advocare thing....i have a friend that just started it and wondered how safe/clean it was and if you are doing it, then it must be so I should too, right? I know you've loved me blowing up your email feed for 15 minutes. xoxox :)

  7. I'm glad they will give you free race entries, that's the least they can do. I'm glad you contacted them.