Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vermont Maple Leaf - the non running highlights

Certain states are hard to choose races for and therefore you basically go with what fits into your schedule and what won't stretch your pocket book too much. I'm thoroughly pleased with my choice of the Maple Leaf 1/2 to cross Vermont off my list-
Highlights from the trip

1. We stopped in Brattleboro, VT since it was the first rest stop once you cross into VT and I wanted a photo with a "Welcome to VT" sign. We were blown away by the scenery and ending up spending 40 or so min hanging out... 5 min into the state and already off to a good start 

I get my "let's take a photo of that random XYZ from my mom" 

There was a charity bake sale going on AT the rest stop- coffee, baked goods (cookies, pie, cupcakes, pastries), fruit, sandwiches etc all for a donation to help a soup kitchen. Mom and I each got a coffee and some cookies and enjoyed a relaxing sit. 
Just enjoying a cup of coffee in an adirondack chair at the rest stop, NBD

2. I believe the "premier race" in Vermont is the Covered Bridges due to time of year and scenery... however it sells out FAST, so I found my own 'covered bridges"

miniature walking covered bridge

3. There was only 1 chain restaurant (a highly fancy Mcdonalds) in all of Manchester. All the eateries were local. They like to keep everything unique, so much so, Hilton tried to set up shop and the town said no because they like to keep the 'quaint' part of the town. There is no mall, but instead free standing stores (which are all factory outlet stores- Polo, Coach, BCBG, Ann Taylor, JCrew, Michael Kors are just a few of the places we shopped!)

Of course there are local shops as well, all surprisingly reasonable price (despite getting to VT is pricey, once you're here, everything is a good deal!) 

4. The state fair was 40 miles from where we were staying... of course we had to go

I kept hearing how the MN state fair had fried butter and I tried desparately to find it because I was curious on how that worked but no luck... apparently VT delivered (sorry, didn't try it) 

5. Animals!
  • Black bear: Main reason we wanted to go?? In the brouchure it showed there were dancing bears... HAD to see this

of course I had to take a video of the bear going down the slide 

  • Camels. Let's be honest, every since the Geico "hump day" commericals, the Camel hasn't been this popular since the cigarette label first launched. GIDDY with excitement when they had camel rides for $5. Mom video recorded the whole ride (on her camera sorry) so you miss me yelling 'hump day'

I was almost excited as this guy... almost

  • Cows: I have had a fascination with cows since high school and they have served as my good luck charm 

 First time having a cow lick me (rough tongue), it even tried to gnaw on my hand... thank goodness for flat teeth!

  • Pigs- Am I the only one who thinks pigs are adorable but I don't think twice when eating bacon? Saw racing pigs at the TN state fair last year, but still just as funny
how adorable

simply hilarious- had to video this as well

And to spare you many more  photos I spent a lot of time in the children's petting zoo with sheep, llamas, alpacas, kangaroo, yaks etc. Thank goodness there was hand sanitizer nearby. 

6. Upon leaving Machester we had decided to drive to Battleboro for breakfast since we had so much fun at rest stop there was bound to be oodles of places to choose from. Major fail, we didn't see one single restaurant in the downtown area. Randomly when we crossed into Massachusetts we see a sign for one single place to eat "The Farm table". Low and behold this was a major highlight as it was part of the 10,000 acre campus of Kringle Candle (formed around 2010 by the founder of Yankee Candle and his son)
On the campus they have the candle shop with over 100+ different fragrances (not pictured), Farm Table restaurant, chocolate shop, 3 story Christmas and craft shop, and a coffee side shop. 
Very relaxing morning to spend a few hours. 

6. Capping off the trip in the airport with a Vermont Pumpkin beer! Mother / daughter running trip complete!


  1. wow vermont looks awesome! love your pictures from the fair, especially the animals (ditto on pigs for me!).

  2. Vermont looks so pretty. Those pigs are way cute!

  3. Vermont looks beautiful. It's so far away so I would have to fly but it looks amazing.

  4. Deep Fried Butter? I had a small stroke just thinking about that.

  5. seriously love all of this. so excited to get back to doing these running trips. i think i'm bumping vermont to next year now :)