Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Three Things Thursday - hungover edition

1.Hungover This past weekend I crossed Montana off my list (recap to come) I can honestly say that this weekend was a first in the fact that I ran the race HUNGOVER. How does this happen?
Surprise to find there is a walking brewery tour!

2 rounds at Uberbrew

2 rounds at Yellowstone Valley Brewery

Glass of wine at packet pickup

"Moscow Mule"- homemade vodka + ginger beer + lime juice (in copper cup) 

Worlds best pumpkin beer

2 more "Moscow Mules" - 1 regular and 1 with a shot of fireball whiskey

Total drink count was 9 drinks (granted it was the course of 6 or so hours) but still a bit. While waiting for our shuttle to take us to the race I was busy hating life. Thanks Kim for capturing the essence. 

2. Free Ragnar! Randomly received an email today from the Ragnar Marketing director stating they were giving our company 3 free teams for Ragnar TN and to just let her know team name and who paid and they would issue a refund... talk about a surprise. Naturally I made sure my team was one of the 3 teams- sweet. 

3. Rachelle from Living the Sweat Life let me know today she was looking at The Sweater Dash 5k in Seattle, WA and who happens to be featured on the home page?!?!
Yours truly! My first thought was "how cool", but then as I thought about it.... how in the world did they find this photo? Its taken from almost 2 years ago at a corporate event where we shop for underpriviledged children instead of having a work Christmas party. I'm assuming my blog- but that brings me to another point, don't they have to ask permission when they use photos for promotion?!!?
Here is the original photo (as you can see, we're in Walmart) 

Ever ran a race hung over?
1st time and actually ran a decent time surprisingly

What are your thoughts on company using photos to promote their event that were NOT taken at a previous event?
I get using photos from a previous race, but just to find a randomly awesome sweater and use it, I'm unsure how i feel about this. 


  1. OMG I can't imagine running a race hungover! Wait. No. Still can't imagine it! Of course YOU would run a decent time. Even hungover :)

  2. that sounds miserable!!! but when the local craft beer calls.... :)

    i think i'd be a little peeved about them stealing your pic. i'm not sure how all that kinda of stuff works in blogger/internet land, but just seems wrong.

  3. I have a hard enough time with enough sleep let alone hung over!!! Yet another reason why you rock!!! I would TOTALLY be calling those people on using your pic without your permission....hello copyright!!!

  4. Oh yes I did my first ever race hungover.... It was a susan g koman race 5k needless to say there was to many people to try and run but even walking sucked. My friends and I had girls night out and went clubbing the night before we had maybe 3 hours of sleep and were still very hungover on the metrolink train ride to race start. Was fun night and day but I learned my lesson!

  5. Cool about Ragnar! I think it is really weird they used your pic on their site especially sinceit wasn't even at their race:/ You deserve a free entry to one of their races for sure!

  6. I think you look like a pretty pretty hungover princess.

    I think you should email the Ugly Sweater race and ask them why they used your picture without your permission. See what they have to say. Especially since they pulled it from you blog, where they could have contacted you.

  7. I know a little bit about copyright because I'm a college librarian. Definitely not fair use, as it's promotional. The race isn't even befitting charity or anything that I can see. I'd add a copyright statement to your About Me section to be safe in the future, but was it used for company promo purposes? If so, I'm sure your company has a copyright on it.
    Probably if you email them and ask them to take it down, they will?

  8. You just went up a LEVEL in rockstar status for that hungover time... AWEmazing!

    Hmmm, I assumed that pix was from when you ran the race last year... it's not?!?! Umm, NO. Totally WRONG for them to use it then!! Especially when they are using it for promotion on a event that they will make money. Wrong, wrong, wrong. As a graphic artist, it drives me NUTZO when people steal images/photos without asking or giving proper credit. Like Kim said, I would definitely contact them with a short message asking "Where did you get this picture of ME?!" See what they say... unless you're lovin' the fame... then ride it out! :)

  9. Who knew libations were so plentiful in Montana? I think there should be a separate category for hungover finishers. You can definitely as them to take that pic down (or ask for a royalty). THey are in total violation of copyright. Not to mention the pic is completely misleading.

  10. I would contact them and see what they say...

  11. never run a race hungover....but have been to many TNT runs hungover. Actually went to chick-fil-a before the training run to try and soak it up. didn't help. i would totally email the race company and say something. i don't think that they are allowed to post. it makes me want to add a trademark thing to all of my pics...