Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week in Review (3/17/14- 3/23/14)

Last week everyone that has kids seemed to take off and leave the city due to all the school's being on spring break. Not only was work a ghost town, but also certain parts of Nashville. It was nice to have a low key week.

St. Patricks Day (Monday) -
T25 Total Body Circuit
2.5 mile run

Immediately upon coming in to work my boss handed me a little gift to enjoy St. Patty's day (for those that don't know- my last name is Jameson- I actually don't like the drink, but she made the brownies the previous week and they were amazing!)

Mid-day my phone just died and the only way it would work is if it was plugged in. Normally I wouldn't freak out too much, but I combined my work & personal phone into one so I could get it all paid for. This means if Verizon can't fix it, I have to follow a protocol at work to get a new one. we had a giant celebration at our running group and Nike was there testing out shoes and giving out prizes, so I know I had to go for a short bit before heading to Verizon

There were 2 shoes to try out- first one which I was itching to try was the Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 (neutral shoe). The one time I'm excited about testing out a shoe and they don't have my size. I did try on a 9.5 and boy was it comfortable for walking around, but I knew I needed the extra room for running.

I had zero desire to try the other shoe, Nike Zoom-Structure, but since you got a free beer for testing either shoes, I decided to do a short run in them, hop by phone store, and be back before the giveaways started
As expected, I hated the shoes and got my usual pain on lateral sides of my arch and decided to make this run REALLY short, a whopping 2.5 miles. 

Went to Verizon where I waited for over 45 min with no service, then left to go back to St. Patty's day celebrations with the run group. 

RIPPED class in lieu of T25

Requested a new phone, found out I needed president of my market's approval who is of course on spring break and his assistant left for the day so it would have to wait till the next day. 
1 hour Ripped class after work (nailed it) followed by usual Tuesday night trivia. We were not on our A game and didn't do so well. Things got a little heated when a team was trying to say that the tallest mountain peak in North America is Mt. Denali- clearly its Mt. McKinley which is located in the National Park called Denali. It took them 10 min to find a website that corroborated their answer to which I argued if it takes you 10 min to find something on the internet to back up what you think is correct for a game of trivia it shouldn't count. Crazy how I was the only one drinking just water at my table yet I was the most vocal-- guess you had to be there to appreciate the back and forths. 

5 miles with co-worker
T25 Speed 1.0

Got the approval I needed for the phone. Work day uneventful. 2 summers ago I actually trained for a full marathon and did most of my long runs with one of my co-workers. The marathon didn't happen because I developed a bad case of plica inflammation which mimicked a meniscal tear. We haven't run much together since, but I agreed to do an easy 5 with him after work. Weather was pristine with a nice cool breeze.
Finished my t25 workout and the roommate had a few friends over for dinner. Afterward I showed them all the workout dance videos I've found and we swapped dance moves. I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles to look coordinated while dance working out. (you tube jessica fitness and you'll get all her workouts to popular songs) 

Double Day - total body circuit + lower focus

Big day:
1. My phone arrived and I got a mini upgrade and now have Siri (I had the 4 IOS before, now I have the 4s IOS) Also I could never upgrade to the 7 version due to not having enough space from all the pictures. Now I have the 7 and not sure how I feel. My biggest sense of loss is I don't have the emoticons anymore. Apparently I can just download the emoji app and install it, which I still need to do. 
2. I actually ventured out with my 2 work besties for lunch (I always stay put with either my lunch I bring from home, or a salad from our cafe) Old Chicago has an amazing deal- $7.50 for pizza buffet + salad+ a cookie. Beer is not included but was a much needed break from the day. 
3. I finished Alpha round of T25 (5 weeks)!!! I waited until after the weekend was over for measurements since I was still bloated from that time of the month but happy to report my progress:
Pounds lost: 10.2
Inches lost: 2 from waist, 1.5 from chest, 1 from thigh, +1 in bicep

I'm still not where I want to be and started up Beta round on Sunday---- crazy intense. 

4 mile lunch run

Work was slow so I called it a day and left early. Met a bunch of people who still hadn't scoped out Tennessee Brew Works. I've been a few times, but this is the first time it was warm enough to enjoy their awesome patio. 

A year ago this photo would be me and all guys. So glad to have more girlfriends in my life! 

Roomie love 

4 miles
Broke in my new (but old) shoes. Last year I ran in the Saucony Mirage 3s. I loved how lightweight they were and allowed me to run faster (I got my PR in Maryland wearing these) 

My problem was that these are 4mm drop and I was used to an 8mm drop. I did too much too soon and ended up with excruciating calf pain from May - September. I tested them out for my 5 miler on Wednesday to see if I should re-visit a new pair now that my mileage and lengths is decreased and after a successful run I hopped on to runningwarehouse.com and snagged a pair for super cheap $54 and change after taxes. If you use code FB15D that gets you 15% off. (facebook 15% discount is what it stands for if it makes it easy to remember.) 
They only had the deep magenta available, but they were fabulous for my 4 miler on Saturday!

Later in the day a few of us went to see Divergent in Imax (during the day it was only $1 more than regular seating). I haven't read the books and I won't read them due to knowing how it ends, but I figured it would be neat to see the movie since I heard it was well done. I have to say that the actor who plays 'Four', Theo James', was worth every penny spent for that ticket. And on top of his looks, hes also British whichs prompts the question why you can't meet a man like that : wipes drool off mouth: 

After the movie we head out for some bbq, enjoyed watching Wisconsin beat Oregon, and called it a night. 

First day of beta- core cardio

I started my day off excited to try the next 5 weeks of T25, but I got my ass handed to me... no literally my ass still hurts as I'm writing this. I'm 3 days in and I have a hard time keeping up. I'm hoping as I get used to the moves and the speed I won't keep having to pause and modify, but at least I'm being challenged?

Rest of the day was lazy day- cleaning, organizing, grocery shopping, and meal prep for the week. I ALWAYS have roasted veggies on hand since they are scrumptious and easy to make. I vary what I get based on availability and price. This week: broccoli, bell peppers, parsnips, 1 japanese sweet potato (they're purple) and regular sweet potatoes + not pictured- white onions and edamame.  

I also made a bunch of chicken patties from ground chicken + spices, dijon mustard, and onions, but the photos didn't turn out. I love experimenting in the kitchen, but for me, everything is about simplicity and time constraints. 


  1. Congrats on your 10+ lb. weight loss. It's still hard for me to believe you had 10 lbs (or more) to lose.
    I'm off to the pool:)

  2. You *shouldn't* need to download anything for Emojis in IOS 7. Looking in my 5S, I can enable them thusly:

    Settings -> general -> keyboard -> keyboards -> Add New Keyboard -> Emoji

    In the Messages app, you'll see a little globe button between the "123" and the microphone to add Emojis to your messages. There are a few pages of Emojis available.

    Best of luck. Nice work on the 10lb loss!

  3. awesome job on the changes with T25!! love that you've found a good group of gal pals to hang with, too.