Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week in Review


T25 Lower body followed by 4.2 miles 
We finally had a nice day + the advantage of daylight savings = still light for group run at 6pm (I even had to wear sunglasses!)  We were able to resort back to the neighborhood routes which mean lots and lots of hills. The run kicked my butt (combo of out of ‘running shape’ + tackling trails the day before + 2 T25 workouts) Luckily I wasn’t the only one wheezing so I didn’t feel that out of place. 

Woke up very early to do T25 before work since I knew there was zero time afterward. If you didn’t hear from Friday’s post, a few of my friends did another Predators trivia and won upgraded glass seats to the April 10th game. Sarah was the only one from my previous team that also won, so we’re calling ourselves the double champs. 

Yoga at lunch 
The day started off in tragedy, my keurig DIED. It exploded all over me (had to change) then turned off and lost all power. I never could revive her and I realized she had a good life (6-7 years?) and she was loud anyway so I threw her away on Friday.

My body told me I needed a break so I took the day off, yup, finally missed a t25 workout and I’m okay with it. Rest of the day was spent relaxing and watching tv.

T25 + 30 min of doing the workout dance to Katy Perry’s “Dark horse” song. I’m slowly looking slightly less awkward.
After all the dancing I showered and had ladies night of pizza and gabbing. My favorite part was playing with the adorable 4 month old Annie, a bernese mountain dog
I couldn't get a great picture of her, but its basically the same source- look at those paws!!! 

Up early for T25 (Total Body circuit- the hardest in my opinion) I was able to do 5 deep push ups in a row before modifying and 3 oblique push ups before modifying.
Friday felt more like St Patrick's day than yesterday. Mom sent a care package for St. Patty’s day to work- much prefer mail during the day to help brighten it vs. when I'm already home :) 

We also had our St Patty's Day celebration in the afternoon since a lot of people are out this week for spring break. Beer, treats, golf, and Irish music. My boss also had her 2 year old son come in dressed like a leprechaun, but I felt weird if I took a photo- trust me it was adorable. 

 Afterward a bunch of friends headed to Whole Foods for the $20 food / beer pairing collaboration with Tennessee Brew works (newest craft brewery in town- such a great deal and an even more fabulous time! 
5.1 miles
I wanted to explore this side street we found when walking to Whole Foods the day before and low and behold it actually was a segway into one of my normal weekend routes. Aside from some female cramps, the run was perfect!!

After getting cleaned up, Leah and I looked at our first housing option in East Nashville. LOVED the porch, location, and the entire first floor, but was not a fan of the bedroom and bathroom layouts, so the hunt continues.

Since I was already in East Nashville, met up with Sarah and headed over to St. Patty's day fest in the area. Aside from the food trucks and people watching, we've seen better so we headed out after 1 beer in... miller lite and it wasn't even green :( 

Leah asked me to go out with her friends to this swanky bar, but sometimes you just need "me" time. I did some window shopping (and real shopping) at Kohls, ate solo at Whole Foods, and watched a movie. Turns out one of her friends was 1 hour late in meeting up, the food was pricey, the conversation was sub par--- staying in on Saturday night... winning!!!

Rest day 
Since rain was on the forecast ALL. DAY. LONG I decided to start my spring cleaning, aka operation purge my closet.  It amazes me how even though I do this every year, I still manage to have bags of stuff to get rid of. This is just round 1 since I was getting tired.

I made plans to meet up with Betsy for our first IRL meet up and to discuss our upcoming Cape Cod logistics. Our team is a mix from all over + locals so meeting up with vans , organizing hotels, etc is a little more complicated vs if everyone were from out of town. It took a lot of brainstorming, but the hand map Betsy drew is getting us closer to figuring everything out. 

Had a movie day rest of day with roomie and we made from scratch sugar cookies for our Tin Roof group run on St. Patty's day- homemade = way better :)

I'm embarrassed by how many I've ate thus far, so what is leftover from our run will be brought to the office. Apparently I just can't have sweets in the house!

Anything exciting in your week?


  1. I'm oh so very sorry for your loss…of the Keurig. I hope you can find a replacement ASAP.
    I'm glad you and Leah are going to continue to be roommates. She just seems so terrific.

  2. Haha can't believe the drawing made the blog - I hope anyone with any real knowledge of the cape isn't horrified by my rendering, but it at least got our brains turning in the right direction :) That house in East Nashville looks awesome, too bad it won't work out, but hopefully y'all will find something else that's even better!

  3. I loved house hunting, I love looking at houses and layouts and what people have done to them, hope you find something you love. I am impressed you did 30 minutes of the dark horse dance. Just watching it through once hurt me.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your Keurig....I'll pour a little out for my homie today! Did I mention how excited I am to run with you??? :-)

  5. OMG that puppy is too die for!!

  6. omg. I will die when my Keurig dies. And, I need that puppy. And all the cookies. I'm dying for a cookie. I actually really enjoy nights in-i think the older I get the "me" time is really important.