Monday, September 22, 2014

#30dayofnew Week 3 Recap

Rounding out week 3 of 30 days of new and I have to say September is a challenging month to find new, albeit cost effective, items to do... there is ALWAYS something going on, just maybe not in the $20 price range!  Here in the south, but not quite the deep south, September is a transition month. We still have days in the 90s, and then a sporatic day in the 70s, so the weather doesn't want to fully convert. Fall isn't quite here yet and therefore all the festivities that go along with it don't come around in full swing til October--- helllllllllllllo pumpkin patches.

Day 13- 12 South Run Group
COST: Free ($15 for dinner afterward)
My old roomie Leah's new boyfriend introduced her to this run group that meets in the trendy 12 south area of Nashville. Apparently there is an incredibly tall & funny guy who goes regularly that she keeps telling me I need to meet, so I finally made it out for the 6:30 run. As luck would have it, he randomly didn't show up this night, but I met some other cool folks as well as reconnected with a few runners I hadn't seen in awhile. As I imagined, it was hills galore and the knee pain set in about mile 2, thus felt like the longest 4 miles of my life. Leah actually ran with me since she is nursing a hamstring injury and we've NEVER run for longer than 1 mile together- was kind of nice.
Day 14- "Beer, Bands, & Bingo"
COST: Free ($4 for beer)
Every Tuesday, lightning 100 hosts free bingo, cheap beer, and of course great music, at Tin Roof for the chance to win different tickets to concerts or other events that are going on in the area. This is WAY easier to win tickets vs. Wed night cornhole, yet after 7 or so rounds NONE of us won anything. I'll be going back again tonight with a few of my gfs in an attempt to come out this time a winner. 

Day 15- Renting B Cycles and cruising around East Nashville
COST: $5
Ok so this doesn't necessarily fit my "social" rule as it was just the roomie and I, but we did come from cornhole and then rode our bikes to another establishment to meet up with some other friends to watch a band play--- so the before and after were social. I haven't ridden a bike in YEARS and have always wanted to rent one of our bike shares but was afraid to do it during the day in case I fell. I did lose control once and Kristin rode right into a bush.... 20 min of practice and we were good to go 

Day 16 - "Southside Runners" run group
COST: Free ($10 for dinner afterward) 
I was nervous to go to this run group since I didn't know a soul who took part in this one, but it turned out that Jamie, the guy in the kilt, I've met at my original Monday night run group so he introduced me around. Whats interesting is the past 2 "new to me run groups" were all individuals around my age yet REALLY fast--- this one was mostly middle aged and medium paced to slower. I can't tell you the last time I heard "you're too fast for us", had to chuckle at this one. Although these were my stomping grounds the first year I lived in Nashville, this was prior to me really running that much or exploring the area- every sec of this run was brand new scenery for me which was a nice change of pace. 

Day 17- Nashville Night Market
COST: Free ($8 for dinner + 4 bell peppers- what a steal)
For a few Friday nights in the fall, the Nashville Farmer's Market also opens at night in addition to their normal hours on Sat / Sunday. I was FLOORED at the cheap prices--- bell peppers 2 for $1?!?!! There were several bands playing, craft booths set up, and even met some local runners who were mutual friends with who I brought--- I may or may not have scored a Ragnar teammate from this. If I can make it downtown this friday, I will for sure be heading back to make a small investment in bell peppers- cant beat that price!

Day 18- Comedy Interactive skit "Bye bye Liver"
COST: $12
Becca turned 31 and the festivities that kicked off the night was a drinking interactive play "Bye Bye Liver"- such a neat concept and not to mention funny. Unfortunately I never got chosen from the audience, which actually may have been a good thing as there would have been more drinking involved.  

Day 19- Jazz concert along river front
Sunday nights there is free jazz along the river from 530-8pm. What I didn't realize was that it was held at a park called Cumberland Park (never heard of it) which is on the LP Field side of the river. I mistakenly thought it was at river front park (the downtown side) like all the other concerts so it was a LONG walk but well worth it when I discovered this 'new to me' park. Turns out, everyone else that I talked to at work had never heard of it either.  Event itself is kid friendly as there was quite a bit for them to do- slides, play football, rock climb, roll down hills- so with that being said it was mostly a family type event. I walked around a bit and even had someone buy me a snow cone because I "was a pretty white girl who likes jazz"---- needless to say I did stand out in the crowd haha. Never saw this view of the city before and I LOVE it. 

All in all, a good week. I did manage to meet a few more people and even became facebook friends so you know it's official. I've found myself opening up more and most importantly, being the one to initiate conversation. I don't think I'll ever be that girl that can just walk up to anyone and act like we're best friends, and thats okay. 


  1. Loving your activities! Also loving that the weather is thinking about changing finally in the south!

  2. Sounds like a good way to get out and do new things!

  3. loving this!! seriously! how in the hell do you sleep? :)

  4. Do you ever relax? After a few social outings I need a few me-days. You are doing sooo well with this challenge and I'm happy for you!!