Thursday, September 11, 2014

Finding Confidence with men through cornhole

Earlier this week I blogged about my #30daysofnew challenge and have been documenting each day on facebook and instagram. I've had a few of my girlfriends reach out and asked if I was meeting any hot guys during this process. Although that was not my initial intent, I decided 'why not', and see where it goes by testing it out Wednesday. 

Yesterday I had already planned to take my roommmate, Kristin, with me to Fat Bottom Brewery for their Wednesday cornhole tournament hosted by my favorite radio dj, Wells Adams. To better understand where I'm going with this- I have a minor crush on Wells. I've been listening to his morning show for years and dig his snarky personality and how many of his interests align with mine. 

I'm sure like most people, we just assume everyone on the radio is unattractive or fat, so we don't really give much thought to what they look like. And if you don't assume that, you are a better person than me... 

 Within the last month I was at our local concert series, Live on the Green, when he happened to come out on stage to present one of the artists and I realized he was actually good looking AND TALL. For those that have not spent some time in Nashville, we have a lot of shorties here and an attractive man with height is rare- if they're single and normal, they're a unicorn and should be captured immediately. 

It was my goal last night to talk to him and get a photo. I know I sound juvenile but I'm INCREDIBLY shy with meeting someone new whom I find attractive, so this would be my ultimate test to see if I'm getting better at coming out of my shell. Luckily we made friends with one of our competitors in the tournament and they happened to be regulars every week so they already knew him and have talked with Wells on occasion. 

After they introduced us I nonchalantly asked if could get a photo with him--- don't worry I prefaced it with "I'm not trying to mack on you, but can I get my photo with you?" as to not appear creepy. Much to my delight he did laugh and asked if I just used the word 'mack' and he hasn't heard it in years. I let him know it was making a comeback and to tell his friends. 

I got the photo and I actually accomplished my goal for the evening <insert patting myself on the back>  Kristin made phone of me when I started jumping up and down after he liked the photo on instagram.... its the little joys in life! 

Icing on the cake is the team that won the tournament, Micah and Matt, knew about my #30daysofnew and once they found out my 2 rules (social event + under $20), they decided to give me their tickets they won to the Hot Chicken Festival this Saturday (tickets are $50 a piece) how awesome is that?
Displaying photo.JPG

They even took us out after the corn hole tournament to a concert their friend was playing downtown at a venue I hadn't been to before (twofer on the new things!). Yes mom and dad, Kristin and I were safe!

I know this probably seems like such a minuscule thing to blog about, but for me its baby steps in working on initiating interaction with others and truly creating memorable experiences. 

Kristin and I both agreed we'll return next Wednesday as it was one of the best nights of the summer thus far... yes as long as its still in the 80s/90s, I'm calling it summer! Now to find something new to do during the day next Wednesday since the cornhole tournament can't count twice...

I can't be the only one alone in the 'hard time initiating conversation piece'?

Are there any local celebrities you have a crush on / would love your photo with?


  1. This is awesome. Wells is cute and tall. But, dang, he smokes, I see.

  2. That's awesome, girl!! (Unfortunately I noticed the smoking too...dangit.) I once asked my favorite Dallas cowboys cheerleader for a photo (I love their show) and that was way out of my comfort zone but I'm so glad I did it!

  3. Ditto above...dang..he smokes..:-(

  4. I am not participating in this challenge, but I never meet people... I am just not that type of approachable, sociable person I guess? Yeah, gross on the smoking... that's an immediate "no way" red flag for me.

  5. Oh he is cute!!! I'm so impressed you are facing your "fears", I don't think I could have asked for a photo. You go girl!!

  6. it's so sad that I noticed the cig first, too! what is wrong with me?! He's cute, though. I say you go somewhere new for lunch next wednesday and call that done. I'm not that shy, so I don't think I have a problem talking to people (i guess had I not spoken to rich, we wouldn't be where we are today!) and we just watched a show on hot chicken- can't wait to see how this festival is!