Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 2 of #30daysofnew challenge

Another week down of trying new things. Since all my events this week were free, I decided to be more 'robust' with my reporting of what was spent and document anything that was purchased while at said activity. Here is a more accurate look while rounding out the 2nd week of #30daysof new challenge.

Day 7- New Running Group - Craft Brewed 
COST: Free ( 1 beer afterward totaling $3)

Back in the winter Elizabeth mentioned she had a friend who was being re-located to Nashville for her husband's work. I got her information and then met up with Char (black tank) and husband Jesse (white t shirt) to show them around town while they visited. She officially moved here in the spring and in that time frame we've met up on a few occasions. I actually spent day 4 last week with her and hubby and since I mentioned I was in process of checking out new run groups, she extended an invitation  to join her run group that meets at Craft Brewed. I have to say that I dig the smaller run groups as they are more intimate and I actually run with people <gasp> I've actually spent very little time running in the city, so it was a nice change of scenery, albeit un-relentless hills.

Day 8- Harvest Moon / Blue Moon Rooftop Party
COST: FREE (had 2 beers, after tip $7) 
Acme Feed and Seed is Nashville's newest bar on Lower Broadway- PRIME location as its the last building before you get to the Cumberland river. What's unique about this venue is that its 3 floors each featuring a different concept + a rooftop bar overlooking the river--- my favorite part is that its not a honky tonk and people that live here actually go there- minimal tourists! The full moon party was basically a free event Blue Moon hosts offering crazy cheap Blue Moon brand beers, listen to music, stare at the sky, and even dance once the dj starts up (I left before that happened). My favorite part was they had a giant canvas of the Nashville skyline that you could contribute your artistic skills. I'm terrible at painting and drawing, but gave it a whirl and worked on the beer itself. I went to the event solo  and told myself goal of the night was to talk to 5 different people. 

Day 9- Fat Bottom Cornhole Tournament
COST: Free ( dinner and drinks there- $38 after tip) 

Ok so I've been to Fat Bottom Brewery multiple times, AND I've played cornhole more times than I can count, however I had never been to the weekly tournament that lightning 100 sponsors. Since I'm pretty competitive at games, I knew this would be a good way to meet people and it did not disappoint. The winning team gets to choose from a list of different events and concerts in town and then as their prize they get the free tickets. Since there weren't as many teams this week we got to play 2 rounds. In talking to the winners of the first round (bottom left), they found out my 30 days of new goal and said if they won again we could have their tickets. Low and behold they won, and we chose the Chicken Wing festival since it was this upcoming weekend + 2 of my girlfriends were performing there. 

And of course if you saw my last post, my true highlight was meeting my radio dj crush, Wells!

Day 10- Bocce Ball at Pinewood Social
COST: Free (tried fried okra for first time- $10 after tip)
If you're ever in the Nashville area, Pinewood Social is a "must" on the venue list. Aside from the swanky menu, drinks, and coffee shop inside, there is also a vintage bowling alley and karaoke room indoors. When it opened this winter, the outdoor venue wasn't finished so I hadn't yet got to check out the  2 dipping pools, bocce ball, and ping pong all in the courtyard. My roommate from 2 years ago, Krista, told me she was in town and heading there so I knew I had to meet her and check out the additions. Surprisingly I had never played bocce ball nor knew any of the rules. Her friends were all from the country where apparently its heavily played, so I learned in no time and even got to show a few people how to play that were watching. 

Day 11- Concert at the Basement
COST: Free (had someone pay my cover and drinks)
Went to check out a mutual friend's band playing at The Basement---this is one of Nashville's local staples for just good live intimate music. Venue is in a basement, shocker, so it doesn't hold many people but ranges from big names that pop in to local artists trying to get their name out there. Chuck Adams, who we went to check out, initially started  as an r&b artist and then morphed into country and folk. Such an interesting transition but man did he rock it.

After the concert I met up with Krista again at a different venue and actually managed to initiate conversation with a group of guys who were playing shuffle board and joined in their game. Turns out 2 of them went to Miami University (my alma mater and is RARE when I find someone in the south who went there) and one was even from Dayton. We hung out for a few hours and then parted ways... nothing like a twofer night of new. 

Day 12- Music City Hot Wing Festival
COST: Free (bought 2 beers + photo booth picture, totaling $13)

As mentioned in day 9, we were given free tickets to the hot wing festival for Saturday. Little did we know the tickets were just for all you can eat chicken, but we still needed to buy our own beer wah wah. About 2 hours in I happened to see one of me exes- for those that have been reading for a bit, the "not an asshole, asshole" type. We're still friends and occasionally talk, so when I realized he was with my best friend's wife (she introduced us), it wasn't a big deal to approach and say hi. So glad I did because he had 2 extra VIP tickets which meant that Kristin and I now could eat AND drink as much as we wanted for free, along with access to the VIP tent. And who should I happen to see in the tent... low and behold dj crush Wells... life is funny. 

Rest of afternoon was spent meeting people, seeing how many free sunglasses we could acquire, and then watching my ladies show off their aerial skills. It was Sarah's first performance, so I'm glad I got to see her in action

As I figured they would, the chicken did run out so after everything was dying down we headed to dinner followed by meeting up with some friends downtown. We ended up at the same bar as night before, Rebar, and I tested my "make friends with stranger by playing shuffle board" theory again - worked like a charm. We ended up crashing a bachelor party of a bunch of Texans and did karaoke and dancing with them at a few other places... I can truly say that is another first.  It was a LONG day so I spent Sunday catching up on chores, errands, and just relaxing- I scolded myself for nothing 'new', but I did go to breakfast with some friends so I got my social interaction in for the day! 

Last week my focus was heavily on the new 'activity' whereas this week I took a different approach and really focused on the meeting new people part of the challenge.Total amount spent for the actual events- 0- amount for activities during event,  $71- not bad at all. 

Week 2 un-expectantly revolved around playing games, which is always a great catalyst for interaction. This upcoming week with what I have planned out it seems there are  a few more 'fitness' items on the agenda, gotta burn those calories! 

What's your favorite outdoor / social game?
For me I think cornhole will always be a favorite past time, but I'm learning to really like shuffle board as it requires such a finesse which makes it challenging. 


  1. LOVING this for you! So glad you get to hang out with Char! I love bocce ball and cornhole.

  2. Nashville offers a ton of fun and FREE stuff, what a great city!!