Thursday, April 28, 2011

3 things Thursday- Pig Edition

1. This weekend is Cincinnati's Flying Pig Marathon and Half. Although I'm not looking forward to the hills galore, my parents, brother, and potentially / hopefully my nephew Joseph will all be there to cheer me on- yay for personal fans!!! ( I expect signs family : cough cough:)

2. Thanks everyone for your input on if I should choose "practical pig" or "party pig" to wear for The Flying Pig half- Winner is.....

Party Pig!!!

Now I just need to make an elastic string to secure it and I should be good to go!!! As always there will pictures for documentation. 

3. Once we're all showered after the race, B and I are meeting my fam for lunch and much deserved beer at Hofbrahaus!!!!! If you like german food, beer, music, dancing on picnic tables, and german outfits, this is the place for you!!


  1. I am beyond excited to see the party pig pictures.

  2. I'm German, actual Bavarian and therefore LOVE the Hofbrauhaus :)

  3. Party pig all the way! Thank you for following me and being my first one over 300! Woot!