Monday, July 9, 2012

Motivational Monday

Lately with the temps consistently reaching the triple digits, I don't have much motivation to run. Despite being in 'marathon training', I haven't even broke 30 miles / week yet, pathetic I know.  If it weren't for being diligent about at least getting in the long runs to stay on track, I probably wouldn't run at all.
Bear reacting to heat at Omaho Zoo source 

I don't know if this is just me, but my runs have been s-l-o-w lately... only they don't necessarily feel slow. Normally I can do midweek runs anywhere b/n 7:45 - 8:30 pace depending on what I want out of the runs... lately anything below 9:00 min / miles feels like a chore.  I know, I know you take it easy in hotter temps, but it does take a toll on my mentality and it has me question on if I will be able to reach my goal of sub 4 for my first marathon.

So I decided that although a sub 4 would be awesome, I won't have the proper training to push the pace on some of my runs to make this happen, so just finishing is good enough for me. Since I know I am perfectly capable of finishing, it's time that I come out of this whole "no races for the summer" business and knock out some states!!

I already had the Ultra Northwest Passage Ragnar in my schedule for july 19-20, but after that zilch until my marathon, and my next half  is not until Oct 13 in Delaware, yikes.

Lucky for me, Kim is all about racing the states and in a matter of 6 hours I had thrown out a potential back to back, she got blessing from her family, received confirmation from one of the race directors that there is indeed a medal, and we got our flights booked. We are super efficient at making decisions when it comes to racing.

First up we have Iowa with the Seawall to Seawall 1/2 marathon in Clear Lake Iowa. What's in Clear Lake beside lakes? Apparently the plane crash site of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper-- feels kind of morbid to visit that, so it will be immediately on the road once the race is over.

Second race / state is Nebraska  with the Logan View Raider 1/2 marathon in Hooper, NE. Population size is only 830, and not a thing to do while we're there... I think we can create our own fun.


 If I can find a reasonably priced flight to Salt Lake City, then I will be adding last minute to my schedule the Legacy Midnight Run (1/2 mary) in somewheresville Utah with Kim and L. I always wanted to do a night half marathon, so I've been diligently stalking flights in hopes to make this happen last minute. 

 I'm excited to add some more races to my schedule to keep me motivated and accountable. I updated my upcoming race schedule page on my tab bar  HERE 

At a glance, here are my next few months of important races:
July 19-20 - Ragnar Northwest Passage (WA)
August 3-Potentially Utah (state #29)   Legacy Midnight Run 
September 1-Iowa (State #30)   Clear Lake 1/2 
September 2 Nebraska (State #31)  Logan View Raider 1/2 
September 15 AirForce MARATHON
Sept 28-29 Bourbon Chase Relay
October 13- Run for the Buds 1/2 (DE)
October 14-  Seaside 1/2 (NJ) 

I'm a lucky gal as all these races are with fellow runners, so let me know if you care to join in on the fun or have any other suggestion :) 


  1. I think my paces slowed the longer I got into marathon training. I think it just wore on my body. I am trying to decide if I should do a half in two weeks now or not. If not I really don't have anything on the schedule until Hood to Coast in August. The heat is pretty bad here too although I think you have it worse!

  2. The heat has been affecting my runs in that I'm hardly doing any of it. Weekdays are ok I can wake up before work but I want to sleep in on the weekend and then it's too hot outside! But i'm glad I don't have the humidity to deal with too like you guys back east. Hope things get a little better for you during you marathon training cycle.

    That race list sounds fun!

  3. Maybe we can meet up when you come here for the Bourbon Chase!!? I'm suppose to run it but I haven't paid my second payment yet. I be Ironman broke.

    Join the slow summer running club. We have jackets. HAHAHAHAHA!!

  4. the heat is so tough to train through. its really wearing on me mentally lately as well but i just keep hoping it is paying off come the cooler temps this fall! cant wait to see you so soon:) i have some friends doing the legacy midnight run! i so wish i would still be around to do it with you all if you decide to do it! you will enjoy it i am sure!

  5. Looks like some fun times are coming up! A midnight run would be fun! Hope you can swing it.

  6. I am definitely slower in the summer with the heat and it's not even as hot as you have it! Its great though because it has me feeling like a rockstar all fall because my pace picks up so much!!! You have a huge schedule ahead of you! Go rock it!

  7. Wow great lineup! So fun that you are able to run with friends:) Those are all too far away for me but I am looking forward to hearing all about them:)

  8. Hey, there's a free spaghetti dinner in Nebraska the night before the race. Don't forget!

  9. It's not just you and I'm happy to hear it's not just me! Slow and unmotivated pretty much sums up last week. And mentally the heat is wreaking havoc on me!

    Here's to a better and cooler week :)

  10. It's the heat and you are smart to listen to your body!! Kim just mentioned the labor day races to me. Got to check my football calendar :)