Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tangent Tuesday- Trying new things

I noticed lately I had been trying new things (foods, activities, habits etc) so I figured I'd share what the latest and greatest is for me!

1. It didn't take long to get peer pressured to make it official, so I registered yesterday for my Utah Race Legacy Midnight Run- August 03. I've never ran a half marathon at night so I'm super pumped about the better temps and seeing a sea of glow sticks and flashing lights! Who can forget about wearing my uber sexy head lamp?!?

2. I registered for paypal last month (yes, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY behind the times) but aside from paying Jill for a pair of shorts, I didn't realize how AMAZING it is to leverage your money... aka being able to purchase a flight when you see a deal vs. waiting till next pay check. Luckily I played it smart and I set my account to only allowing me a $400 limit. This is going to make things so much easier with logistics of travel, I'm surprised no one has pressured me into doing this way earlier. 

3. Not sure what is going on with my back, but something is definitely array in my lower right part of my back. I keep thinking I need to get better about getting massages, and luckily an awesome living social deal came in my email yesterday

Swe-Thai Massage
This modality combines soft-tissue therapies with Thai style techniques and stretches for maximum results. Paired with the long, soothing strokes of a Swedish massage, the body's lymph system is both stimulated and then cleared of unhealthy toxins that can get built up in the muscles. By beginning and ending with Swedish techniques, it creates a relaxing atmosphere to encourage deeper healing and relief.

I think the only massage I've had is just a normal one, super stoked to see if this helps alleviate some built up tension and gets me all squared away! 

4. I'm pretty sure I ate 2,000 calories worth of Guacomole on saturday- and to think that when I first moved to Nashville I couldn't stand the stuff... now its recently become a secret indulgence of mine that I just can't seem to get enough of! 

5. I have a new sweet obsession- fruit pizza. Don't let the word 'fruit' trick you into thinking its healthy- sugar cookie base + cream cheese mixed w/ sugar and vanilla extract + top with as much fruit as you want... heavenly 

I'd be interested to health it up a little bit (but not too much) by adding greek yogurt as the base next time. Also we are in the works of making a naughty version with whipped creme vodka... yum!

6. After my post about being sponsored by Nuun to do the Muddy Buddy I mentioned how I've been wanting to try the Kona Kola Nuun since I have an affinity toward coca cola. Unfortunately I can't find a retailer around me that carries that flavor, and I don't want to buy a case of it online if I don't like the taste. The most thought Elizabeth @ Running for Bling saw my post and picked me up some at her race expo and I got it in the mail today

Although in a beer glass, it really is the Nuun

Taste wise I LOVED it. I was a bit disappointed that it didn't seem as fizzy as the other flavors, and it took twice as long to dissolve as normal, but nonetheless, I enjoyed it. Thanks so much for sending it my way Elizabeth :) 

7. New summer season favorite- mix of grapefruit and ginger, delicious

8. I have a much more scenic view at the new pool in my apartment... not to mention a hot tub which I have been taking full advantage of lately. I think I should win a bad ass award for going in the outdoor hot tub when it was 106 out to stretch... just saying

9.  I have grown to like oatmeal in our cafe for breakfast. Seems silly I know that this would be 'new', but it wasn't  until this fall that I tried oatmeal for the first time ever. I've finally perfected my ratio of sweetness / crunchiness/ protein goodness and enjoy it 1-2x week outside of my traditional protein smoothie
Blackberries, shaved almonds, coconut, cinnamon. I fill cup up 1/2 way, add those ingredients, then put more oatmeal on top and repeat.... equally as good in the middle as it is on the top :) 

10. I finally got things kicked off for our work running group. One of the guys used to run it but got bogged down with increased workload and runs fell off for the last year or so. Through the grapevine he heard I was interested in taking over, so I got everything organized and we are doing are first group runs this week. It's nerdy that I'm excited about it, but I've already received an influx of email responses from individuals I haven't even met yet around the office, so 2 birds with one stone: networking and getting my runs in :) 

Anything new going on in your life?


  1. Yayy!! I think you will love that UT race!! So jealous!

  2. I just won some Nuun from Run with Jess. I hope she sends me Kona Kola. The only other flavor I've tried that I like is Grape.

    I bet your mom would make us a fruit pizza in September.

    I'm so glad you are coming to Utah! Yeah!

  3. I use paypal because it is easier for online shopping, I never have to get up and get my valet :) I have no idea you can schedule payments and stuff - interesting!

  4. Oatmeal layering that is genius and I must try. Fruit pizza = yes please get in my mouth. I wish I had a pool, cue heavy sigh.

  5. Hey, whatever happened to the guy that saved you from your pass out in the woods!? I was thinking about that the other day!

    I saw the Nuun cola but have been on the fence about it. If you say it's ok, I might give it a go. I'm funny about my cola. :)

  6. A night time race sounds fun! What time does it start? We've been eating lots of guacamole here, too... and that fruit pizza looks amazing.

  7. Chad and I ran a midnight half on new year's eve a few years ago. It was fun but I"m still not a fan of running in the dark and I prefer morning races. I could live on guac! I haven't been able to find the Kona Kola Nunn locally. I'm sure I will eventually.

  8. My friend and I are running the Legacy Midnight 10k! (her first ever 10k!) We should try to meet up!!