Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tangent Thursday - my recent finds

1. Summer is in full force here. Ashley and I met up and were out the door by 5:35am on Sunday to do our 15 miler. Starting temp was 83 and high humidity. Awhile back my mom recommended the following sunscreen: Neutrogena Wet Skin 50spf
This stuff is AMAZING. We were out there running for 2+ hours and because this sunscreen repels water, all my sweat just formed beats on my back, neck, arms, face etc--- aka a barrier to the sun. I didn't have any sun tan lines from the run. Now if only there was a product out there that decreased sweat production I'd be in heaven

2.  I've been looking for different flavored protein powders (aside from just boring chocolate)  to have for after my run and a colleague of mine had recommended this beauty: Dessert Chocolate Coconut Candy Bar.... add some peanut butter, chia seeds, and water to it, and its FANTASTIC 

3. The other night I went out to one of my favorite brewhouses in the area and saw there was a new seasonal so I had to try it. I was beyond ecstatic when I saw it in the grocery store the following day...
Shiny Ruby Redbird- has grapefruit infused as well as ginger. I love a good ginger brew, so this made me extremely happy to find an affordable one because generally they are so expensive. As an added bonus, makes for a great poolside beer :) 

4. Tuesday I went down to the cafe at work for lunch and was greeted by my run crush, aka the 'worlds greatest athlete' NBD 

In traditional Lisa fashion, I would re-enact the pose with him, BUT considering there were many people around and they don't understand a blogger's need to pose with their favorite things, this picture will have to suffice. At some point I will do a running pose alongside him!

I happened to see on Muse's facebook page yesterday that they made the official song of the 2012 London Olympics- "Survival"- you can check it out and get pumped up HERE!


  1. i love that sunscreen! i use it too :)

  2. Sorry, I've been MIA. Life happens and I've just been trying to get myself through this weekend. Plus work has my in piles of paper. Anyhooo...

    It was perfect timing for me to read this blog because the last thing I said to my husband is that I need a STRONG sunscreen for this weekends 70.3 Ironman I'm doing. It's suppose to be 100 Saturday and I need something to keep me from burning while on the run. I'm gonna grab that!