Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So long July- looking back at the month

July Recap 

Aside from brutal temps, July was a pretty good month. I still only ran about twice a week (one long run on weekend, one normal run during week). I either woke up before dawn or went to the gym to get in the midweek run so I'm pretty pleased I was able to find alternatives so I don't get heat stroke

Onto the Breakdown 
Total Mileage:  121 miles. Literally the first time  I broke 100 miles since my ITBS injury in 2011. Wouldn't you know it that I get injured again? Coincidence?? I'm hoping so otherwise I will not be running over 100 miles ever.
*I have an appointment with a sports orthopedic on thursday to get an official diagnosis on my knee- hoping for some excellent news* 
August Mileage: Everything will be dependent on my knee, but I have 2 20 milers on the books so I'm shooting for 130 miles. 

Highest Mileage week: 31. All 31 miles came from my ultra relay. I was super busy that week and unfortunately was not able to get any runs in before I left for Washington, so i'm satisfied with this mileage for now. . 
August:still chasing the elusive 40 miles per week, its going to happen. 

Races Planned / Completed: 1/1. I generally don't race much in the summer. July's Northwest Passage Ultra relay was enough excitement to cover an entire summer's worth of races. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 of recaps--- they're "ultra" long.

August: I still have state #31, Utah on the books for this upcoming friday- Legacy Midnight Run (seriously look at the website, it just screams FUN!), my first night half marathon. With each passing day my knee is feeling better, but I haven't made a final decision to go or pull the plug yet. Aside from that, I also plan to do the Tap n Run 4k (dress up in costumes, beer chugging at every K.... yes please) 

Accomplishments for July:
  • Survived another year and turned 28!
  • Another ULTRA relay under my belt- managed to bust out my half marathon leg in 1:44:08, so I'm anxious to see what will happen when I'm actually racing. 
  • Ran my longest run, 18 miles to date. 
  • Got a new job within my company--- I've known for a week but mum's been the word for awhile. Excited to finally be able to take it in. No more health coaching, hello account management. Since I won't be talking about health till I'm blue in the face on a daily basis, I'll probably be posting more on here about nutrition related topics to get my fix. 

Current Book: Night Circus. I actually saw this review on someone's blog (sorry I can't remember which one) and it was explained as a cross between Hunger Games, Water for Elephants, and some love movie (again can't remember) That was enough to get me interested. The writing style, detail, and imagination is FANTASTIC and its been hard for me to put it down.

And like all addicting books, they are turning it into a movie and it will be released sometime in 2013, can't wait. 

Current Excitements/ Obsessions:
- Potentially going to Utah this week for state #31
- Starting my new job, tentatively August 13. 
- Purchased and received my hydration vest- will make my long runs MUCH easier in this heat
- Getting my first 20 miler under my belt (more so scared vs excited, but will be excited when I completed it) 
- Track and Field Olympics airing this weekend :) 

Current Song:  "Whistle" by FloRida. Just makes me so happy
Current Goal
- Listen to my body more. I have to remember that even though I can get away with doing 20-30 mile weekly runs, I'm NOT superwoman. I need to do more preventative measures (foam roller, stretching, ICING) before my body breaks down
Current Dislikes: My knee rebelling on me. I just want to be able to run without pain, is that so much to ask?
Overall July was fabulous. I actually didn't run that much, but when I did, the runs were longer. I've had to go through a lot of transitions this month, but I believe they are all for the better. Can't wait to see what August brings into my life! 


  1. You rocked July!!! Way to go!!! I hope things go well with your knee...no fun! You're going to do awesome for your 20 miler. Just break it into chunks. This is what I did with mine since my first one I had a panic attack! Yeah....I was nervous! Enjoy the last day of July!!

  2. I think I wrote that review. :-) Or at least I thought the same thing - Hunger Games meets Harry Potter meets Water for Elephants. I didn't know they were making it into a movie though! CONGRATS ON THE NEW JOB!!!

  3. Dang it I am so sorry about your stupid knee and really hope you get good news at the doc this week. Other than that an awesome month and some good plans for August. I should probably be more organized like you and set some goals every once in awhile. haha!

  4. I'm glad you had a fabulous month! You are running like crazy these days with super long long runs. I hope your knee behaves & good luck with the doc!

  5. So sorry to hear about your knee! Crossing my fingers for good news from the doc. I agree. Your July was fabulous!

  6. Congrats on the miles and the new job. WOOT!! I hope your knee is feeling better and you are able to head to UT. I am bummed to be missing that one, but turns out I probably would have had to miss anyway.

  7. Sounds like a great month! Congrats on the new job! That is so exciting! Hope your knee is in tip top shape for the race this weekend. I will have to check out The Night Circus. Love that you review books on here, always gives me something new to read:).

  8. Great month, congrats on the new job!!! :) Hope your knee is better very soon!

  9. I hope you get some good news on your knee! My miles were climbing in June and then my shin started bothering me soon after... :( I'm still nursing it and hoping I'm back to running soon. Congrats on your 18 miler, btw!

  10. fabulous july! and i’m guessing this job is still in nashville and you will be staying there? congrats!!